Computerized Inventory System

Introduction Technology is dynamic. Today’s generation people and other organizations depend and use modern technology. An inventory system is a system used to keep track of a business’s products and supplies. These programs are invaluable tools for most businesses because they are able to complete tasks quickly which would take much longer if done manually. These systems help keep personnel from wasting their time counting supplies and trying to manually determine which products to buy and sell.

Manual Inventory System nvolves all concerns within its transactions, on how the staff would be able to maintain the current status of their inventory, whether adding, deleting, and ordering a stock, the manual process consumes too much time for the staff and rigid time to process a transaction. Every year, the demand for the computer based systems for the businesses keeps on growing. Companies have improved their old system for ease of work in accessing files and organizing records.

Converting their old system into a much efficient computerized system, this will have a great effect on the organization; this also helps ase the work to the staff maintaining the inventory. The proponent constructed a study of a system that will help those personnel who are charge in the logistics’ office to organized and secure the files of the company and to immediately find information of product. Current State of Technology Today’s world is constant and rapidly changing due to technology.

There is always a new and improved way to do something. Technology is used in some form or fashion in everyday life. Why not prepare our employee to be efficient and better trained for jobs on this nearly computerized environment? There are already so many Jobs that ave been replaced by computers and robots. Why not let our employee contribute to this technical age? Many argue that technology enables us as humans, to be lazy.

While that may hold some truth it is better to be knowledgeable and proficient in this area rather than being left behind. Company is no longer limited to simple reading, writing and arithmetic. The use of technology has expanded the prospect for education, giving us never – ending possibilities. Therefore, technology deserves significant company attention in order for employee to possess technological survival skills. Computerized Inventory System By zhes-abina

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