Computers in the Work Environment

4 April 2015
A study of the revolutionary changes in the work place as a result of computer technology.

This paper considers how computers have influenced the workplace environment and provides a competitive advantage to its users. The paper also examines how the value may not be as great as perceived by considering the productivity paradox. The author notes that the computer technology is only as good as the programmers running it.
“The commercial environment has changed over the last few decades. One of the most influential factors has been the development of the computer. The technology has created a social and commercial revolution, increasing the speed and accuracy of communication reducing man hours for tedious tasks and creating new methods of analysis and business practice. However, there are many conflicting reports regarding the way that computers have been used and the benefits they may bring. Therefore, computers in the workplace may be seen as essential, but the value they add is sometimes questionable. In this paper we will consider the way that computer technology may be used and some of the problems we may find in seeking to assess the way it will adds to the value chain. However, when we look at computers, we must understand that it is not only computers that we need to consider, but the programmes that they run, as without these they have no value.”

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