Computing &Social Networking in Air Asia

1 January 2017

We are pleased to present you this exciting report on strategies to implement Green Computing & Social Networking in AA. This report was prepared in accordance to provide AA the importance to implement Green Computing and Social Networking as a communication tools to embark on. Our reports include details on the strategy and methods to apply those activities. Based on this report, we have included a few recommendations to AA in our Conclusion section. Please do contact us if you require any further clarification. Thank you.

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Computing &Social Networking in Air Asia
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Yours Sincerely, Nurul Aishah AzizRoopashini Maheswaran Executive summary The first section of this report is focused on the IT infrastructure of AA and moves on to the challenges and issues such as IT governance and handling infrastructure and platform changes that is faced by IT department in the organization. We were glad to know that AA focuses and emphasizes towards moving to green environment. The cloud computing service is very effective and efficient. The convenient and hassle free check in attracts more travellers.

AA also has future planned activity towards moving to green computing. AA has been actively using social network (SN) as one of their marketing tool. AA is on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube. According to our interviewee, SN has helped the company to boost its sales and become recognised to the world. In conclusion, there are few recommendations we would like to suggest on the topics that was discussed in this report. Firstly, in terms of improving IT infrastructures AA need to take some measures in order to have control over their outsourcing model of their IT infrastructure.

As for moving towards green computing, it will be a best idea for AA to synchronise its self-check in system with a standard processing system known as Common Use Passenger Processing (CUSS) which will be shared with many airlines. Besides adding more revenue to the company, use of this system will also show the efficiency of the company and its commitment in protecting our planet. AA also should introduce ‘Blackle’ the new Google search tool which has proven to generate lesser heat compare to the current Google search tool. In terms of SN, AA should use Facebook and Linked In to help them in choosing their new employees.

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