Concentration, Solution, Density Essay Sample

9 September 2017

This research lab involved utilizing equipment to thin a sugar H2O solution. It besides created solutions incorporating varying degrees of concentrations and densenesss. Equations were used to calculate the molecular weight of the sugar. and the figure of moles of sugar in the volumetric flask. There was besides an equation to calculate the Molarity. every bit good. As a consequence of the experiment. I now have a better apprehension of the denseness of a concentration. and what Molarity is.

Data Table 8: Initial Concentration
ChemicalMass ( g ) Molecular Weight ( g ) Moles in Volumetric FlaskTotal Volume ( L ) Molarity ( mol/L ) Sugar ( C12H22O11 ) 8331. 230. 0241525 0. 9961

*As a side note. upon researching the molecular weight of sugar. I found it to be 342. 30 g. non 331. 23 g. nevertheless. in my computation I used 15. 00 g as the molecular weight of O2. whereas online 16. 00 g was used. Eight8 g of sugar were placed on the graduated table. and so transferred into the volumetric flask ( Table 8 shows the computations of the molecular weight. moles. mass. volume and molar concentration recorded before making so ) . Distilled H2O was added to the sugar until a sum of 25mL were in the flask. Then the flask was capped. and the solution was assorted together until the sugar was dissolved. Once dissolved. the solution was transferred into the glass beaker. and certain facets were measured and recorded in table 9. Once this measure was complete. 2. 5 milliliter were removed from the solution. and diluted in the volumetric flask. The stairss were so repeated utilizing different sums of the diluted solution each clip.

Data Table 9: Dilution Seriess
DilutionVolume ( milliliter ) Mass ( g ) Density ( g/mL ) Initial Concentration ( M ) Volume Transferred ( milliliter ) Final Concentration ( M ) 025 mL27. 41. 0960. 96610 mL0. 9661
125 mL24. 60. 9840. 96612. 5 mL0. 09661
225 mL24. 60. 9840. 096614. 5 mL0. 01739
325 mL24. 40. 9760. 017393 mL0. 00209
425 mL24. 60. 9840. 002096 mL0. 0007
*Excel would non maintain concluding 0’s at the terminal of the Numberss for important figure intents.

As the solution was going more diluted. the denseness appeared to be reduced really somewhat or remain the same. but the concentration was perceptibly going less.

( Molarity is y-axis. Density is x-axis )

H. ) How would you fix 10 milliliter of a 0. 25M HCl solution if 1M HCl was available? How much 1M HCl is needed? How much distilled H2O is used?

You would hold to thin 1 M HCl in distilled H2O to acquire a less concentrated 0. 25 M HCl. To make this. you would hold to find the sum of moles in the concluding concentration of 10 milliliter 0. 25 M HCl solution by utilizing the expression M1*V1 = M2*V2.

M1*V1 = M2*V2
M1 = 0. 25 Meter
V1 = 10 milliliter
M2 = 1 M
V2 = M1*V1 / M2 =
0. 25 ten 10 / 1 = 2. 5 milliliter

A 10 mL solution incorporating 2. 5 milliliter of 1 M HCl needs to be prepared. To find the sum of distilled H2O to be used. you would necessitate to take the entire solution minus the sum of HCl to be used. 10 mL – 2. 5 mL = 7. 5 milliliter of distilled H2O

I. ) From the Excel chart of Molarity vs. Density. what was the relationship between the molar concentration of the sugar solution and the denseness of the sugar solution?

From the chart. you can state that the relationship between the molar concentration of the sugar solution and the denseness of the sugar solution vary. It seemed at first that the higher the solution denseness. the higher the molar concentration. and the lower the denseness. the lower the molar concentration ( and frailty versa ) . However. the denseness appeared to stay the same for several dilutions. but the molar concentration kept dropping. so one could presume that there is no relationship between the molar concentration and the denseness.

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