Concepts of Business Education

1 January 2017

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Concepts of Business Education
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Presentations: The nurses will be shown presentations by experienced nurses and doctors. 5. Quiz: There will be quizzes held for the nurses on the things taught. 6. Evaluation: The nurses will be evaluated according to their performance. 7. Demonstrations: The nurses will be given demonstrations by the experienced nurses on care giving. 8. Implementation: The nurses will have to demonstrate whatever they have learnt under the supervision of the department head. 9. Post evaluation: Depending on the performance of the nurses, they will be posted in the required departments.

The most basic problem of philosophy of education is that concerning aims: what are the proper aims and guiding ideals of education? What are the proper criteria for evaluating educational efforts, institutions, practices, and products? Some of the AIMS proposed or involved in the educational endeavor are •cultivation of curiosity and the disposition to inquire fostering of creativity •production of knowledge and of knowledgeable students •enhancement of understanding •promotion of moral thinking •feeling and action •enlargement of the imagination fostering of growth, development, and self-realization Based on the AIMS concept we are building an online learning system for our employees: Ideally, the learning outcomes in order of priority are ?Translated into course content, resources and an approach to the teaching and learning process that will enable a student to achieve those outcomes. ?Once these basic parameters have been thought through, the courseware development team will share the responsibility of translating the theory and intentions into courseware and online learning functions. These courses will then be delivered by the learning management system (LMS) ? LMS will interface with the library and other digital resources & related services along with the student information system (SIS) ? This activity will be done through a secure server that can authenticate the student login. From the students’ point of view, they will connect to the LMS and the related services through a user-friendly users’ portal, with a single login, they can have access to their courses and can be linked to all related resources and services.

Finally, to ensure ongoing improvement, an evaluation process for the effectiveness of the system, based on achievement of the learning outcomes and students’ feedback will be put in place, in the form of an independent quality assessment process, which also provides feeds back into the development cycle. Through the above steps the organization plans to provide quality education by making them online, the courses would cover organizational development programs like oTime Management oLeadership Skills Training oConflict Management Workforce Development Relating LMS & Courses to AIMS as per John Dewey •AIMS always relate to results, the first and most important thing is whether the work assigned possesses intrinsic continuity •AIMS implies an orderly and ordered activity, one in which the order consists in the progressive completion of a process •AIMS means foresight in advance of the end or possible termination

•AIMS as a foreseen end gives direction to the activity; it’s not an idle view for the spectator but influences steps taken to reach the end. How each prior event leads into its successor while the successor takes up what is furnished and utilizes it for some other stage, until we arrive at the end, which summarizes and finishes the process? •Foresight functions in 3 ways ?Involves careful observation of given conditions and means available to reach the end. ?Suggest the proper order or sequence in the use of means, facilitating economical selection and arrangement. ?Makes choice of alternatives possible

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