Conceptualizing the Rainbow

4 April 2015
This paper attempts to answer the question, can blind people conceptualize color?

This paper analyzes the question through philosophical, medical, and semantic rationale. It shows why many would argue against the fact that blind people can technically visualize color, but it also contends that many blind people have vividly described color and the how it effects all the senses.
“The question at hand is, “Do blind people (from birth) have a concept of color?” In answering this fairly, I must be extremely careful not to think myself superior, nor to dare think that I know better what is happening inside the mind of my blind neighbor than she herself may do. However, this is a question that seems to have long plagued philosophy, and it remains a profound metaphor for the relationship between experience and understanding. Therefore, it must be approached with both an eye to the actual experiences and thoughts of those who have been born blind, and to the long held ideas of science and philosophy.”

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