Concert: Aerosmith

9 September 2019

Thissummer, I went to an Aerosmith concert – it was awesome! I went with abroken leg, my mom, aunt, and boyfriend on an incredibly hot and humidday in Kansas City. Sounds like I would have been miserable, doesn’t it?Despite the uncomfortable circumstances, I had a great time.

Themembers of Aerosmith are true performers. They have a colorful lightshow and are still coming up with pretty colorful lyrics. Steven Tyler,the band’s lead singer, is in his mid-50s, but is still full of energyand fire. He can, amazingly, still hit those crazy-high notes. As leadguitarist Joe Perry said at the end of the show, he is still the”Demon of Screamin’.”

Speaking of Joe … with hispowerful guitar licks added to the talents of the other band members,the music surges with energy. There seems to be a current of adrenalinethroughout the show, even during the slow songs. And Aerosmith canreally put out some sound – we had lawn seats at a good-sized outdoorarena, and our ears were still ringing.

For me the best part ofthe show came in the middle. There was a small stage at the edge of thelawn seating and Aerosmith came through the crowd to perform threesongs. One was their classic “Dream On,” and we saw it from 50feet away! The experience was amazing.

If you haven’t seenAerosmith in concert, do it. This band has been around, and though theirmusic will last forever, their performances may not. Go to their showwith friends. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

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