Concert: *NSYNC

8 August 2019

It was a hot dry night in Phoenix asthe crowd began to gather outside Bank One Ballpark in anticipation. The concertbegan on time with opening acts Eden’s Crush and Samantha Mumba.

The showreally began with the quintet emerging from what can only be described as a glasspyramid, singing their hit single “Pop.” While making their way downthe runway to the stage, they shook fans’ hands, as well as their own bodies.*NSYNC showed off their high-energy dance moves choreographed for the most partby Wade Robson (who, with Justin Timberlake, co-wrote four songs on the new album”Celebrity”). After reaching the stage, the guys were joined by fivefemale dancers, the first time *NSYNC has included dancers in theirshow.

*NSYNC’s concert was full of special effects, ranging from fireworksto flying. During “See Right Through You,” the guys danced on aconveyor belt and then disappeared into a cloud of smoke. During “SpaceCowboy,” they flew over the crowd, wearing chaps. They ended the song ridingmechanical bulls. *NSYNC’s special effects were not the only eyecatching part ofthe show; their costumes pleased the crowd and ranged from fairly simple jeansand jackets with colorful patches to attention-grabbing costumes adorned withglitter.

The group also sang two ballads, “Selfish” and”Gone,” from “Celebrity.” During “Gone,” in whichTimberlake has the lead solo, many fans became cross-eyed, not knowing whether towatch him, or try to catch a glimpse of the background sketch where he portraysCharlie Chaplin. Wherever they focused their attention, this song left many ofthe teen girls silent in amazement.

One of the most visually stimulatingeffects came when the Ballpark’s roof opened for elaborate fireworks. Thisstimulating effect only added to the show’s unique sound. *NSYNC surprised manyfans with heavy drums and bass, reflecting their urban, more maturesound.

With an estimated 92 trucks, elaborate stage and costumes, and newmusic, *NSYNC’s 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour was far from a disappointment. Aside fromthe critic’s opinions of *NSYNC, and pop music in general, *NSYNC made sure tolet their fans know that they, as well as pop, are here to stay.

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