Concert Report

11 November 2016

The concert I attended was a classic music performed by the Chamber Orchestra. They presented their winter concert. It started at 8 pm at University of California San Diego and lasted about an hour and half. The concert was conducted by David Medine. He is a violinist, conductor, music critic, experimental musician and computer music researcher from Tucson, Arizona. The instruments played were a family of violin, viola, violin cello, contrabass, flute, Oboe, Clarinet, horn and trumpet.

I will be discussing the elements of music which are Sound, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm and Growth based on one movement of the music The sound of this piece had both monophonic and polyphonic texture. Indeed, they first began by a monophonic texture during a couple of seconds. The same notes were performed and at around 16 seconds, a second voice came and the texture became a polyphonic texture. By then, a third voice joined the first and second voice. According the timbre of the sound, the violinists were the first on scene and they started with a dark tone color.

Then, the tone became bright and gay. 1. HARMONY The sound of the instruments was coherent so it was easy to appreciate the ensemble. We could distinguish some instruments when they were playing. Every performer was playing in consonance so the music was perceived clearly with an easy understanding. Β The distance between the notes was mainly medium but sometimes, we could discern a narrow distance between the notes. The change of range happened periodically and made the movement understandable.

In addition, the shape of the music went up and down and during a certain period of time, that was the opposite. The movement of this performance had two essential parts. The first section was a little confusing because it seemed like every instruments were playing at the same time. Second, it became easier to perceive every section as each groups started to play in order. The tempo was rhythmic and catchy. It looked like they were trying to tell a story or transmit a message. The beat was organized in compound meters and it was straightforward. We could divide this movement into three sections A B A. first of all, the first section A was slow and very sudden. The instruments played were the violin family along with the oboes and the trumpets. Secondly, the second section B appeared with a slow and quiet rhythm. Thirdly, the section A took place again with the same features as announced above. The concert has been a success. It was my first time to attend a music concert with only instruments. I was amazed by all of those instruments for real.

That was wonderful. I chose to sit in the front to get a better view and for a good quality of the sound. Also to see how each instrument is played. I was impressed by the high level of preparation of each player. I really appreciate the way the performers were focus on their instruments. It was so awesome how the group of violinist could perform and follow each other without missing up a note during the performance. In sum, the concert was well organized even though it started with a little late. I really enjoyed going to this concert.

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