Condoleezza Rice

9 September 2016

Rice The person I decided to write my paper on is Condoleezza Rice. I chose her because I feel that she has played an important role in African American history. Condoleezza excelled in her education at an early age. She also worked in the White House alongside other well-known individuals like the former President George Bush. She had to overcome many obstacles to get where she is today, and for that I admire her. Born on Nov 14, 1954, Condoleezza Rice was an only child. She learned to speak French and play the piano at an early age.

After tracing her roots Condoleezza discovered that her ancestors were a part of the pre- Civil War era. Condoleezza entered the University of Denver at the age of 16 with plans of becoming a pianist. Rice also enjoyed figure skating in her younger years. Condoleezza made history by being the first African American woman to serve as Secretary of State from 2005-2009. She also was the first African American woman to hold post head of the NSC. Condoleezza served as the nation’s security advisor from 2001-2004. During this time she was known to have a huge impact on the influences of advising President Bush.

Condoleezza Rice Essay Example

Condoleezza overcame many obstacles to achieve success. The hardest obstacle she faced would probably have been racism. The fact that she was African American did not sit well with many of her peers. Another obstacle she had to face to achieve success was the fact that she was a female. Back in those days I’m sure females were not expected to take certain jobs or positions. Condoleezza overcame these obstacles by focusing on her goals and not being intimidated. During her younger years Rice witnessed many acts of racism and prejudice. Although she didn’t let this deter her, she used it to motivate her to push further.

I think these obstacles are what made Condoleezza set her goals so high at such an early age. Condoleezza graduated from high school at the age of 16. Education was very important to Rice as well as her parents. Her father ensured that she got the best possible education. He did this by sending her to an all-girls Catholic high school in Colorado. She was so well educated that she was able to enter college at the age of 16. I would say that there are two main things that inspired Condoleezza to achieve. Those two things are gender and race. I am inspired by her because she has shown me that with determination anything is possible.

Had she gave up when others put her down or criticized her; she wouldn’t be where she is today. Reading up on Condoleezza has inspired me to want to better myself. Not just for my benefit, but for my family as well. I want my son to see my determination and drive and be proud of his mother. In her commencement at Vanderbilt University Rice wrote; “I remember the bombing of that Sunday school at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. I did not see it happen, but I heard it happen, and I felt it happen, just a few blocks away at my father’s church. It is a sound that I will never forget, that will forever reverberate in my ears.

That bomb took the lives of four young girls, including my friend and playmate, Denise McNair. The crime was calculated to suck the hope out of young lives, bury their aspirations. But those fears were not propelled forward, those terrorists failed. [78]”. — Condoleezza Rice, Commencement 2004, Vanderbilt University, May 13, 2004 References “Smart, savvy, strong-willed Rice charts her own course (http:/ / www. cnn. com/ CNN/ Programs/ people/ shows/ rice/ profile. html)”. CNN. (2001) http://www. britannica. com. proxy. cecybrary. com/EBchecked/topic/862039/Condoleezza-Rice

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