Conference of Yalta

6 June 2017

Written Statement The Yalta Conference, by Komar and Melamid This piece was painted in 1982, it’s style being oil on canvas. Komar and Melamid were two artists that formed part of the Official Artist’s Union that decided to expose some of their underground art in 1974. This painting depicts two men, a male body with an extraterrestrial head, and a circus-like canopy in the background. The people showed in this work are Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the time on the right (hidden by an alien face),

Hitler in the middle, leader of the Nazi Germany (who was dead at the time), and Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, on the right. The reason they were united was because of a Conference that took place. The Yalta Conference, in 1945, was a meeting between Stalin, Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England) in order to establish Europe’s new boundaries after World War II.

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The message this piece intends to convey is that many people think Stalin tricked Roosevelt into allowing the Soviet Union to control the countries of Eastern Europe.

Although Hitler was not alive at the time, he appears instead of Churchill. Hitler can be seen with a silencing pose, with one finger over his mouth, hushing us to emphasize the secrecy of the meeting. Roosevelt owns an extraterrestrial head symbolizing that he was not part of the European world and did not understand Stalin’s craft and underhandedness. Stalin appears serious, staring at the viewer with intimidating eyes. Corruption and mischief can be felt in that environment. Our interpretation is not very different to what is really conveyed.

Hitler and Stalin s faces inspire mischief and bad vibrations. Corruption is easily spotted and the outsider position of Roosevelt is interesting. The creativity and thought put into replacing his head with an aliens is admirable, and in our opinion is the highlight of the painting. The circus like canopy in the back resembles people being fooled as in circuses, in this case Roosevelt. Hitler’s face is not fully exposed, a shadow covers his left part of the face. His silencing pose automatically inspires us to think negatively about his intentions. Conference of Yalta By abhirhathi

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