Confidentialy and Data Protection Essay Sample

9 September 2017

• Confidentiality and informations protection are critical when running a place based childcare service. Write an account of the importance of both.


The definition of ‘confidential’ is ;

1. Done or communicated in assurance ; secret.
2. Entrusted with the assurance of another: a confidential secretary. 3. Denoting assurance or familiarity: a confidential tone of voice. 4. Incorporating information. the unauthorized revelation of which poses a menace to national security.

Tassoni. P states that confidentiality is ;
‘Not sharing with other people or go throughing on personal information about the households you are working with. except when it is in the child’s best involvement to make so. ’ ( Tassoni. P. 2010 ) .

As a childminder you will hold entree to information about the kids in your attention and possibly members of their household which will be considered to be confidential. This means that there are merely certain people who need to cognize this information and cipher else should hold entree to it. Those people are the parents of the kid. myself as a childminder. in some instances the kid themselves will be cognizant besides. From clip to clip I will hold to work with regulative organic structures and people from societal services or the constabulary. In these cases it will be my duty to portion this information and assist them as I can. ever with the best involvement of the kid in head.

Tassoni. P believes that
‘All early old ages practicians working with kids have to be cognizant of kid maltreatment and see their ain function in protecting children’ ( Tassoni. P et Al. 2005 )

As a childminder it will be my duty to do certain that any confidential information about any kids in my attention is locked off in a safe topographic point and that I am the lone individual who has entree to the key.

I will necessitate to be cognizant of the followers ;
• The Law
• Signs and symptoms
• How to react to a kid when he/she discloses maltreatment.
• Standard coverage processs.
• Intimate attention of kids in my attention.
• The function of the Childminder.
• Keeping secrets.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 is basically an Act that inside informations the rights of a kid.

Data Protection

There are many Torahs that detail the duty of those people working with kids. These Torahs are in topographic point to protect the childminder. the parents and first and foremost the kid in inquiry.

The Data Protection Act 1998 inside informations that ‘sensitive information’ is any information mentioning to the followers ;

( a ) the racial or cultural beginning of the informations topic.
( B ) his political sentiments.
( degree Celsius ) his spiritual beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature. ( vitamin D ) whether he is a member of a trade brotherhood ( within the significance of the M1Trade Union and Labour Relations ( Consolidation ) Act 1992 ) .

( vitamin E ) his physical or mental wellness or status.
( degree Fahrenheit ) his sexual life.
( g ) the committee or alleged committee by him of any offense. or ( H ) any proceedings for any offense committed or alleged to hold been committed by him. the disposal of such proceedings or the sentence of any tribunal in such proceedings. ( Data Protection Act 1998 ) .

The 1998 Data Protection Act was passed by Parliament to command the manner information is handled and to give legal rights to people who have information stored about them.

The Data Protection Act was developed to give protection and put down regulations about how informations about people can be used. The 1998 Act covers information or information stored on a computing machine or an organized paper filing system about populating people. The basic manner it works is by:

1. puting up regulations that people have to follow
2. holding an Information Commissioner to implement the regulations It does non halt companies hive awaying information about people. It merely makes them follow regulations.

If any individual was to portion confidential information with people who did non necessitate to hear it so they are. in fact. interrupting the jurisprudence.


Data Protection Act 1998

Tassoni. P et Al. 2005. NVQ Level 3 Children’s Care. Learning and Development. Heinemann Educational Publishers.

Tassoni. P et Al. 2010. Level 3 Diploma Children and Young People’s Workforce Candidate Handbook. Heinemann.

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