Conflict Between Developing Economic

The economy growth impact the protecting environment, on the contrary the protecting environment also impacts the economy growth. Whether the environment is a factor considering the economic growth? The core answering these questions is how to regard the relationship between economic growth and environment. Concerning on the situation of economic and environment whether has the intrinsic relation or has any type relation, this still has the dispute. In this essay I will analyze the conflict between the developing economic and protecting environment.

Through the analysis cause where can get a balance between them. Keywords: Environment, Economic growth, Poverty, Conflict, Contradiction, Environmental Kuznets curve 1. Introduction Environment not only provides the substance foundation and activity space for human, but also is responsible for production castoff by human activity. Economic development not only enhances the integration national power and improves the peopleโ€™s life quality, but brings a number of serous environmental problems, such as air pollution, water pollution, soil degradation, desertification, and so on.

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Conflict Between Developing Economic
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Whether does economic growth affect the environment? On the contrary whether also does the protecting environment affect the growth economy? Whether is protecting economy and protecting environment a pair of contradiction or not? What creates the environment problems? Poverty is a main factor. Solving this problem is that developing economy. How to increase economy under the protecting environment? Analyzing their relationship is the focal point. Problem formulation: what is the conflict between developing economic and protecting environment? 2.

The developing economic brings some environmental problems Economy development is obvious at present. Many multinational enterprises have been invested following the all kinds of increased industries and agricultures. These such as machine, textile, chemical plant, foodstuff, and so on, not only are the record of the economic development, but also provide a great deal of working opportunities for the labor market, and reduce the burden of the country. Thatโ€™s the positive points, but it has the negative points like the traffic jam, pollution, chemical, etc, a series of serious problems.

In the traffic point, โ€œThe environment impact of transport has now become a global issue. Environmental impacts from transport in the developed world are now equaled or exceeded by those in developing countries. This is alarming given the relatively low level of car ownership and use in developing countries. Equally alarming is the advanced of modes of transport that are damaging to the environment and health, while less damaging modes are retreating. The impact of transport affects the global, regional, and local environment.

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