Conflict in the Middle East

4 April 2015
A look at this conflict, first through the eyes of a realist, and then through the eyes of an idealist.

This paper concerns the topic of idealistic and realistic theories of international relations. Firstly, the paper draws a comparison between idealists and realists, contrasting their political viewpoints. Secondly, the paper applies these political theories to the present situation in the Middle East and U.S. interests. This is done via historical synopsis, beginning with the establishment of the State of Israel. Finally, the approach of the USA to the conflict is evaluated in realistic or idealistic terms.
“Who are idealists? Who are realists? How do these theories affect the study of international relations? Realism/Idealism are ways to rhetorically study international relations. How does these affect the conflict in the Middle East? Idealists can be said to have “wholesome ways”, how does this affect the Middle East? Realists are said to have “no-nonsense ways” has does this affect their view with the Middle East? Should both viewpoints be combined to decide the best for international relations?”

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