This paper discusses Confucianism and its rituals.

This paper examines Confucianism by explaining its rituals that show people how to live their lives and interact with others. The paper discusses in detail some of the cults, for example, Cult of Heaven, state cults, ancestor cults, and family rituals.
“Ritual played an integral role in Confucianism, and was important in the teachings of Confucius himself. This importance was also shown by his disciples, who taught these rituals themselves after the time of Confucius. Because of this, Confucianism became known as a “ritual religion”, emphasizing both doctrinal and ritual rites within family and society. Confucius made sure that people understood the proper way to go about viewing and practicing rituals, as well as how a leader should act. Some of the rituals are the Cult of Heaven, various State Cults, the Ancestor Cult, and Family Rituals; they include ideas relating to how to act properly and how to relate to each other.

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