Conglomeration in the Media Industry

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the effects of media conglomeration.

This paper discusses the effects of media conglomeration. The writer presents the case that this type of intensive ownership has a negative impact on the media industry. Legal issues are outlined. Suggestions are made for government involvement in order to regulate ownership.
“Media has become big business and recently that business has turned into heated debates about conglomerate ownership and its affect on the purity and credibility of the media itself. Within the last decade the media has become a business that is like every other business, in which the larger companies are rapidly vying over and bidding for the smaller ones. The winning bid takes the smaller company and absorbs it into their every growing business. The smaller companies “feed” the larger ones and give them more funding and power to continue the quest for additional mergers and take overs. As the conglomerate begins to grow others start referring to it as a giant and its power becomes something to contend with. Smaller groups cannot compete with the ever-growing conglomerate and soon it the only small companies that others can purchase are the ones the giant passes over. It becomes a snowball that simply grows as it rolls and the larger it gets the more easily it topples everything in its path.”
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