Conservation of Water

It takes two clumps of Hydrogen atoms to surrender themselves under the explicit grasp of the Oxygen atom that as a resulting fragment is conceived as Water. It has been believed by many Scientists and Astrobiologists that the discovery of water has acknowledged to demonstrate life. As it is said, we could survive without being aloof from water for nearly 5 very days. Our entire carnations depend on this abundant substance that we are bestowed with. Our very blessing “Water”.

For centuries people have been using water, equally far from catering the needs to drink, as an apparatus for time management. Folks for several generations, have envisioned it pragmatically. They filled up their buckets with water, and plunged in a hole in them, which was synchronized with the solar cycle, and that, sooner or later, would demonstrate the time pacing. People asked many questions, that what was water, and why was it there for them? But the odds and the ignorance had an upper hand on them. They asked many questions that, what was it that tormented them down, but no one knew about that. One who would try to intrigue about those questions was considered to be ‘’ OUT-OF-HIS-MIND’’.

After time found its way through the ignorance, peoples’ notion about research, built up episodically. They carried out many experiment on the questions that our ancestors, boggled their minds with. They figured out that it was a transparent fluid, which though absurdly, transformed these streams, lakes, rivers, and seas. From the miniature droplet to the Herculean mass of water. It is the water which manifest itself as dribbling showers of rain, which result in scattering smiles across the young ones’ faces, and it is water that turns out as a natural catastrophe to devour very own life. What was an asset of carnation, turns out as a wicked quandary. Though, water is conceived in various dilemmas, like, when it compacts, it is called Ice. And when it flows, it is called Water, finally, when expands, it is called Gas. Our nature bestows that courage to senses to perceive the very nature of water itself.
If any human were to go beyond the horizon, what would he come across is, he would see nothing in an immense blackness, but a Pale-Blue-Dot embedded in an outnumbered tranquility. Approximately 70 % of our Mother Earth is blessed with water. In which, 97% is docked in oceans and the amount of fresh water, catering the needs to drink and many other applications, is around 0.2%. Our human endowment has lead us to an infinitesimal out-breaks in any discipline of Science, and turn the grounds of our perception to face reality. We humans, put our crude-knowledge to domesticate fire and summon up the resources that might make our lives drastically civilized, but we humans didn’t think of our nature as it ought to be contemplated. Our transcendence is beyond any magical or supernatural abilities. There came many people in the history of human beings, who thought about this anomalous nature of water, and thought to make it applicable rather more lucratively. They made it frequently flawless to evacuate Electricity from the very core of water, and made it possible to use it.These phenomena snatched the little glimpse of an idea about building a dam, to barricade the flow of the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates. To scale their flows and make them useful for agriculture, and other possibilities.

Despite these innumerable abilities for our greater good, we humans made our way to excavate our very environment. Our industries started to pour those intoxicated fumes of Greenhouse gases into the environment. And the anthropogenic activities of human knowledge, we possessed that wicked nature to destroy our very lives. The burning fuel from the cars and chemical contamination figured its way into devouring our nature. The insufficient escalation in the amount of Greenhouse gases made the electromagnetic rays of Sunlight to not escape the skyline, gradually making the planet an uninhabitable place to live. This caused the penetration power of sunlight, even more inhumane, the result of which could be seen in putting the aquatic life at stake.

Apart from the human causes to infect the environment, the natural catastrophes played their dramatic role. But to trigger these natural catastrophes, human involvement has been there. We’ve devoured ourselves in any single way possible. Up until now, we’ve thought about our greater good, but now we might think that the time is adequate, for changing our perception to conserve the very blessing of water.

And no matter what might the consequences be, the conservation of water would become a cause of our mere survival in this fragile world embedded in the inhumane neighborhood in the mysterious Universe.

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