Constructing the American Past

12 December 2017

William Byrd, by the grants her family had inherited but also from her beauty. William Byrd consumed a weakness for friendly women. He often was unfaithful to Lucy Parke. In William Byrd diary he says,” I kissed Mrs.. Chisel and kissed her on the bed till she was angry and my wife also was uneasy about it, and cried as soon as the company was gone.

” Another incident occurred, in which Lully’s anger and jealousy may have gotten the best of her. For example, “In the evening my and little jenny had a great quarrel in which my wife got the worst but at last by the help of the Emily Jenny was overcome and soundly whipped.Jenny is also known as “a mistress. ” Lucy Parke during her very sick days while dealing with a miscarriage. William was saddened for the pain his wife was dealing with. In his diary he mentions, “Wife grew very ill which made me weep for her. ” The characterization of this relationship was uneasy, wealthy and troubling at times.

Constructing the American Past Essay Example

Through the marriage was primarily based on the wealth of William Byrd owning slaves and land. In my conclusion I sense that Byrd had slight compassion for Lucy and primarily saw her as an “object” to him.Lucy Parke In my opinion would have characterized It In a more perturbed way. She had a rough time dealing with her miscarriages. Lucy Parke would have expressed her personal life with more detail on how she felt about William, the slaves and the unfaithfulness of her husband. I believe she would have mentioned how unfathomed she was about men dominating women in every such way. 2.

) Who were Franklins friends? Was he completely a self-made man, or did he rely on connections, patrons, his peers and his wife to get ahead?Benjamin Franklin enjoyed professional and arsenal relationships with his peers. Franklins friends consisted of Thomas Godlier, Brilliant, Nicholas Schulz, William Parsons, William Measuring, Robert Grace and William Coleman. Franklin did depend on many of peers to help him out of debt. He formed a group to improve business; they were called the “Junta. ” The group was required to point out “morals, politics or natural philosophy to be discussed by the company”. Mr..

Godlier anticipated a match between Franklin and Miss Reed.One of of her own and also living d in England. Franklin took her to be his wife under those resistances. Believing he made the right choice. They both were very supportive of each other. Mr..

‘s Reed also helped him by attending to the shop. They were genuinely a happy marriage. He was a humbled man and he believed money wasn’t about his life. In document 5 he says, “success could be sign of Gods grace. ” How did Byrd, Edwards, and Franklin differ in their religious outlooks? Byrd, Edward, Franklin were all very different from each other.William Byrd was quite religious man, as he ended his diary Journal entries with some disparities of, “l said my prayers but had DOD health, good thoughts, and good humor, thanks be to God Almighty. ” However he “neglected” or ignored to say his prayers to some of his passages.

This diurnal reference of God shows how important his religion was to him. Although he flirted with other men’s wives, talks about “recovering” with women. However he’s a wealthy business man. In his diaries, I sense his routine everyday by reading, enjoys breakfast, dinner, looking over the slaves, takes care of his accounts, etc.Jonathan Edwards in my view was the most religious out of the three men. His memoir aerates the moment when he rightly felt the existence of God and how after this instant the passages he enjoyed before were even greater to him now. And, even though he has come to feel God’s existence, something many people never reach, he is still sad that it took him so long and that he doesn’t have additional time to know God and grow in his grace.

In document 3 he, vowed to take God for I his whole portion and felicity, looking on nothing else as any part of his happiness”.They felt God was the only person to turn to. Benjamin Franklin talks about his early religious education when he was young. In document 5, “my parents had early given me religious impressions and brought me through my childhood piously in the dissenting way. ” Franklin refers himself as a “Deist” after doubting the “revelation itself”. Franklins goal was to help people. He believed in hard work can bring success.

The notions listed as Deist virtues included “temperance”, “order”, and “tranquility’. What relationship did these men have with slaves, women, and working people?What did it mean to be a man for each of them? William Byrd a very wealthy plantation winner. He indicates that his slaves do most of the work around his property. He refers his slaves as his “people”, viewing his ownership over them. Byrd viewed women as “lower than men”. He felt men were more dominating than women and women were only seen as “items”. However he would pray for the sick people.

Diseases and illness were very common the colonial days. Franklin one of the most brilliant Founding Fathers was supporting a culture of hard work, political responsibility, independent Justice and wise investment.Franklin kept himself busy ACH day either with work or study, from early in his life, he saw that hard work paid for itself by raising his position and gaining him distinction, even though he tried to be as humble as he could about it. Franklin befriends hardworking people. Franklin never agreed with slavery nor used any slaves. Jonathan Edwards did own a slave, although he somewhat opposed to slavery. He thought it was “wrong” to take a stance in slavery.

Edward praises Sarah Pierson. He respects women in the colonial days. Whom do you think Byrd, Edwards, Equation Osborn, and Franklin had in mind as they rote about their lives?How did their different purposes for writing give their stories of the people during the eighteenth century. It’s based on religion, slavery, leadership. These men wanted to share their lives and experiences. In the second document, a slave, Aloud Equation discusses his life and the unfortunate situation he happens to be in. Equation mentions the fact that, “without misgiving, are relations and friends separated, most of them never to see each other again” referring to the fact that slave families were never reflected during the purchasing process.

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