Consumer Behavior Essay Sample

10 October 2017

1. Discourse the nature of job ( s ) in this instance?
2. Propose the sort of consumer research needed?
How should Golden Glow be positioned/ repositioned to convey about the coveted alteration among consumers? Give your grounds

Anil Mahajan absent -mindedly ran his finger over the bar of soap before him. He traced the name ‘Golden Glow’ embossed on the soap as he inhaled its unmistakable benne aroma. It was a little soap. about like a saloon of gold. There were no frills. no colored packaging. and no fancy form. Just a aureate freshness and the aroma of benne and Lucida font that softly stated’ Golden Glow’ .

Mahajan smiled wanly and clasped the soap in his custodies. as if protecting it from an unobserved marauder. He was inquiring with quiet concern if the 30-year-old trade name would last long. Sensi India. where Mahajan was marketing director. was taking a long. difficult expression at the soap.

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Consumer Behavior Essay Sample
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as it was turn outing to be a strain on resources.

There were changing narratives about how Aureate Glow was launched. Some said the trade name was a ‘gift’ from the going English parent company. Others claimed that it was created for the so chairman’s British married woman. as the Indian clime did non hold with her tegument. They besides claimed that the lady besides coined the transcript “The honest soap that loves your skin” was besides coined by the lady. The line had stuck through three decennaries. Merely the visuals had changed. with newer theoretical accounts replacing the older 1s.

Zeni was fundamentally a forte merchandises company bring forthing family hygiene. fabricare. and dental attention merchandises. Golden Glow was the lone soap in its merchandise mix. produced and marketed by Sensi. Its dependable quality and value bringing had earned it a batch of regard in the market. Golden Glow equity was such that Sensi was known as the Golden Glow Company. Indeed. the trade name name Golden Glow denoted pureness. dependability. and soft skin care.

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