Consumer Buying Behaviour of Magazines

India has a vast array of Print Media with Thousands of Magazines and Newspapers in circulation. Top Notch Journalism, great reporting, press unity and a very strong network is what makes Print Media so much of a success even today in the age of Television and the Internet. It is also said that Print Media also helped literacy and undoubtedly the General Knowledge of the average person in India. The good thing about Indian Print media is that any Bias of any sort is quickly subsided, therefore impartial reporting is a major feature of the Indian Print Media. The news you get through these outlets cannot be any truer.

The newspaper with the Next comes Times of India, an English newspaper, followed by Dainik Bhaskar, another Hindi Newspaper. India has a lot of regional newspapers and magazines as well in a lot of languages. Therefore there is something out there for everyone to read! This section is dedicated to the Indian Print media with articles on Newspapers, Magazines, Controversies and opinions related to them etc.

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Consumer Buying Behaviour of Magazines
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We hope you have a good time browsing through. Please let us know of any suggestions you may have through our contact page. The Media in India enjoys a great amount of freedom and is therefore flourishing.

Whole new segments are opening up for this Rs 10,000 crore industry. Perhaps the most significant possibility is in India emerging as a back-end destination for digitising television and film content as well as managing video servers for global companies in the pay-per-view TV market. The previous year has been a landmark year for television broadcasting. Many new news channels like the two from NDTV and one each from TV Today and Star were launched. Television viewers were to enjoy much more freedom in metros with the rollout of Conditional Access System, hich was quietly introduced in Chennai, but trouble was Just round the corner.

In Chennai there are very few customers for channels in languages other than Tamil and all Tamil Channels are free to air. As a result there was no objection, only people did not go for the top box. Delhi however has been a different story what with CAS being first put off, then implemented and then the total confusion on its status. The launch of a choice private FM radio stations has got the metro residents hooked on to the otherwise almost obsolete radio service. Lots of multiplexes opened across the country and many more are on the pipeline. Overseas studios were bullish on producing.

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