Consumer preference

8 August 2016

In this research, I have to survey and find out how frequently and how much chocolate do people consume, whether they buy small, big or family pack. The comparative study of chocolates between CADBUR Y and NESTLE helps in product development and improvement in launching of new product. Reason for selecting the T opic is that, everybody knows that “Customer is a king of Market. ” There was a time years ago, whatever the seller produces, he sells in the market and the customer has to buy the same. But in the current scenario dueto the keen competition in the market, the situation has changed.

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Now seller has to produce what customers want, to sustain in the market. In the same way to know what customer wants, one has to observe the behavior of the customer . This is the reason why this topic is given importance for selection. Once marketer understands the mentality , thought process and reaction for certain product, he can easily grab the market share. Sales are lar gely bases on the Customers then the product and services of fered by the marketer . Comparative research is theact of comparing two or more things with a view to discovering something about one or all of the things being compared. Comparative study helps to evaluating our strength and weakness with other competitor in same sector . After this research, I would come to know how people perceive these products on variables like price, quality , advertisement, taste, packaging, brand, loyalty , etc. I also would come to know which particular brand of chocolate is most preferred by the people of dif ferent age group. Consumer Preference- All marketing starts with theconsumer .

So consumer is a very important person to a marketer . Consumer decides what t o purcha se, for whom to purchase, why to purchase, from where to purchase, and how much to purchase. In order to become a successful marketer , he must know the liking or disliking of the customers. He must also know the time and the quantity of goods and services, a consumer may purchase, so that he may store the goods or provide the services according to the likings of the consumers. Gone are the days when the concept of market was let the buyer’s beware or whenthe market was mainly the seller’s market. Now the whole concept of consumer’s sovereignty prevails. The manufacturers produce and the sellers sell whatever the consumer likes. In this sense, “consumer is the supreme in the market”. As consumers, we play a very vital role in the health of the economy local, national or international.

The decision we make concerning our consumption behavior af fect the demand for the basic raw materials, for the transportation, for the banking, for the production; they ef fect the employment of workers and deployment ofresources and success of some industries and failures of others. Thus marketer must understand this. Preference (or “taste”) is a concept, used in the social sciences, particularly economics. It assumes a real or imagined “choice” between alternatives and the possibility of rank ordering of these alternatives, based on happiness, satisfaction, gratification, enjoyment, utility they provide. More generally , it can be seen as a source of motivation. In cognitive sciences, individual preferences enable choice of objectives/goals.

The study of the consumerpreference not only focuses on how and why consumers make buying decision, but also focuses on how and why consumers make choice of the goods they buy and their evaluation of these goods after use. So for success of any company or product promotion it is very necessary to depart its concentration towards consumer preference. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This project is based on the comparative study of consumer preference towards Nestle and Cadbury chocolates. Objectives of the study are:- 1. T o study on consumer preference towards Cadbury and Nestle chocolates

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