Contact Essay Research Paper The movie Contact

9 September 2017

Contact Essay, Research Paper

The film Contact, based on the novel by Carl Sagan, is a absorbing journey through the human head that attempts to reply the inquiries that worlds have been inquiring since the morning of clip, Are we entirely in the Universe? Ellie Arroway ( portrayed by Jodie Foster ) , the chief character of the film refers to the historic event upon which

the film is based, contact with an foreign civilisation, as one of the most important events in human history, and justly so. This movie explores the spiritual deductions of such an event every bit good as the religion that 1 has to hold afterwards.

Arroway s journey so resembles that of the hero s quest. Of class Ellie being the hero, is faced with something the universe has yet to brush: contact from foreigners. She so voluntarily sacrifices herself for what seems to be a greater good & # 8230 ; be the first homo to discourse with an extra-terrestrial being, merely to be disregarded because of her beliefs.

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That was one hurdle she had to get the better of. The spiritual extremist

was a diabolic antagonist that, for a minute in the

film, appeared to hold terminally halted the full undertaking. Then the wise counsellor, the adult male with malignant neoplastic disease, emerged with his intent: to take Arroway on the right way. Faced once more with taking the journey that

could merely be taken entirely, she of class had to happen a ground that would do it harder to go forth, the comrade ( Matthew McConaughtey s character ) . This was another hurdle she had to get the better of. She takes the journey to come out a changed individual, for the better, as the film obviously is connoting. And in the terminal, the hero is reunited with the one she loves, her comrade.

This film bridges the spread between scientific discipline and faith. How else can you explicate the traveling stoping of an agnostic scientist seeking to explicate what merely happened to her without the benefit of one scintilla of cogent evidence? Arroway s merely other option to believe her

journey took topographic point is to fall back on religion after holding shunned the religion that others had inGod earlier. In the terminal, Contact leaves the thought of the being of extraterrestrial intelligence or the Almighty for us, the audience to chew over and find for ourselves.

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