Contemporary Issues In The Education Sector Essay Sample

8 August 2017


The digital divide is a modern-day issue impacting the educational sector globally. It is the sensed spread of the rich persons and the don’t haves. This paper brings out the ways in which the assorted stakeholders in the schools impact on it and their different positions on the issue.
A. Introduction

Contemporary Issues In The Education Sector Essay Sample Essay Example

“The digital divide refers to the perceived spread between those who have entree to the latest information engineerings and those who do non have” . ( Compaine. 2001 ) . This is besides clearly displayed or measured to the fluctuations in which the people in the educational sector. be it the pupils. instructors or the support staff have entree to the great information beginning. the cyberspace and besides the extent to which they own the information processors – computing machines that assist them in their assorted projects. In the educational sector. and besides other assorted sectors. bing information which is stored in different types of beginnings are the greatest tools in instruction and acquisition and for a school to endeavor and win. it must foremost hold a strong information beginning which will help the pupils in acquisition and acquiring more cognition. In the establishments of higher propensity. that’s in colleges and universities. pupils are engaged in vigorous research that is meant to give Forth to more cognition on top of the bing one but the current bing one being the base or the back uping stuff. In the past few old ages. hence. the cardinal cause of “information divide” . the digital divide. has attracted much attending from bookmans in the USA ( as cited in Compaine. 2001 ) .

There are two facets of the digital divide in instruction establishments. the ownership of computing machines. sooner a personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) and entree to the cyberspace as a critical information beginning. The two factors are as a consequence of socio-economic factors in the larger society that trickle-down to the educational sector. One position claims that the digital divide does be and the spreads. which cut across assorted cultural. racial. socio-economic. and geographical groups. will widen if the job is non dealt with actively and efficaciously ( as cited Kastsinas and Moeck. 2002 ) . They are the 1s that determine the grade to which pupils. instructors or the assorted stakeholders have entree the above equipment and stuff beginning. They give a direct impact on the digital divide that is being experienced in the educational sector.

In my position. the spread in the digital divide should be addressed sharply and modes should be put in topographic point to cut down it so that more people can be able to afford at least a personal computing machine and have equal entree to the cyberspace so as to acquire entree to assortment of information with great easiness that is traveling to help in acquisition and other assorted maps in determination devising in the organisation which are non needfully limited to pupils. Students need information in acquisition and acquiring more cognition. There is a assortment of information beginnings on the cyberspace that can be a critical beginning of educational and non-educational information that can help them.

Teachers excessively need to entree more information in new countries or bing 1s for confirmation and as a tool to update the bing information that they have since a batch more information is being produced globally that is critical in their instruction or for their ain personal usage. The educational establishments besides have other back uping and proficient staff such as comptrollers. decision makers and many more who need more information in put to deathing their maps in their assorted sections in the educational establishments. Most of their work is computerized hence they must utilize them in their activities. Parents besides act as direct stakeholders to dependent pupils in the lower and in-between degree surveies and are hence straight concerned in supplying the fiscal or pecuniary resources in acquiring entree to personal computing machines and cyberspace. be it at place or outside the places where the pupils live in the class of their surveies.

Schools have different stakeholders and they include the parents. instructors. pupils. the encouraging staff. and proprietors of the school. instruction boards and the community at big. They have different positions as follows. As the findings of our survey show. the digital divide still exists for the pupils both at school and at place. despite the fact that it is contracting quickly as indicated by assorted studies. With respect to the relationship between engineering. handiness and academic accomplishment. our survey has found that mathematics. scientific discipline and reading tonss rank from high to low consistent with the degrees of engineering handiness at these schools. ( as cited in National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Economicss and Statistics Administration. 2002 ) .


This group may prefer to take their pupils to schools that have computing machine services and such a similar. A parent usually would prefer to take his/her Son/daughter to a school that has digital services e. g. a computing machine. Such a parent may experience that his kid will acquire better instruction that is modern than the 1 who takes his/her kid to a school that does non hold. Similarly. parents tend to see expensive schools as offering pupils a comparatively better educational background. Parents therefore feel that instruction between schools is non the same.

School proprietors

These are the people who guarantee such installations are present in schools. Some of these installations depend on the school proprietors who may buy them for the school. However. schools that have such installations regard themselves extremely than those that don’t have. There are cases where school-owners may non fault the instructors for failures but the school itself and the frailty versa. Wiring schoolrooms. libraries. computing machine research labs and buying new equipment is merely the beginning but most of the school proprietors don’t want to present engineering because they find it expensive and affecting therefore be given to be loath in implementing the necessary alterations. “School is still the topographic point where pupils need to develop the accomplishments they need to work efficaciously in the universe – to read and compose. to add and deduct. to understand how nature and societies are organized and where they fit in. ” ( Gordon. 2000 )


These are the coachs in schools. Some possibly advantaged to be in schools that have these installations because they give a batch more easiness in learning while others are still fighting. Hence the rich persons feel so great while the don’t haves feel so demoralised. Through research they are aided to learn good and through these installations the instruction becomes easy and even gratifying. Those in schools that do non hold such installations feel they are rearward in one manner or the other. hence they teach but still experience that they are inferior compared to schools that have. As a consequence. they feel that they can’t teach better than those that have.


Students in schools with computing machines and such installations get a large advantage in that they use such installations and therefore hold a higher manus in them. Once they are through with instruction and acquire to the occupation market they get it really easily because most companies and houses presently use such services. On the other manus. pupils who don’t have such installations may see their schools as inferior hence some will necessitate another excess clip after school to at least have some cognition in them which may be cumbersome.


Parents should be able to understand the schools in which their kids are and besides see their potency in enabling their kids have to entree ICT. They should seek their best to accept what is in topographic point to heighten their children’s instruction. But even though they have the capableness of affording to take their kids to schools that have computing machine services they should promote their kids to do good usage of them. On the other manus. parents can act upon or even do a school have these installations. For illustration. they can do some parts which can be used to purchase computing machines for pupils. Furthermore. parents can advice the school disposal to purchase such services. This can be done by naming for school meetings and so do the school see some sense about it.


On the side of pupils. they should be able to appreciate what they have but should be able to hold the attitude to use the available engineering either in their places or at schools in acquiring more cognition. They should appreciate where they have been taken for instruction. Though if they have a opportunity to be taken to a school that has such services so they should be able to work them to the full. They should utilize them in the best manner bearing in head that they are non the lone pupils who are utilizing them. Others have used them and some will necessitate them in future excessively. Though if there can be a manner they can bespeak their parents to see sense and purchase the needed points so it can better. Students should utilize computing machine engineering. particularly the cyberspace in larning but should non prosecute in abuse and recovering immoral information that is on the World Wide Web.


Teachers who are able to learn in schools which have this installation should seek and work to the full this service. They should be able to distinguish themselves from instructors who are in schools that do non hold this installation. They should number themselves advantaged and therefore show others that so computing machines can convey the difference in instruction. On the other manus. those instructors who are non lucky plenty to be in schools that have computing machine should set plans in topographic point that are traveling to present ICT in their schools. If they have unequal engineering they should utilize good what they have and strive to upgrade it to the current utile criterions. For this group they should take it like a challenge in that they should demo there oppositions that so computing machines are non everything that a school should hold but are necessary. Teachers excessively can act upon the disposal in order to buy these points in that they can do the school see the sense about the demand for them. They should be able to hold the latest accomplishments so as to be more utile and besides go for refresher classs to sharpen their accomplishments. They should be in front of the pupils ever in the country of cognition so as to give them counsel.

School proprietors

In this instance the proprietors have a large challenge to supply such tools and services so as to diminish the digital divide. They should seek their best and demo maximal commitment towards giving the pupils and teachers the best services in supplying computing machine equipment that is to be used in the acquisition procedure. School proprietors should endeavor to supply equal equipment and the latest engineering in ICT that is to be used together with their cyberspace to help pupils in larning. “US schools are now passing more money on computing machine engineering than on books and other printed materials” . ( US Census Bureau. 2005 ) .

Surveies suggest that merely doing a given engineering available to schools is non plenty for schools to accomplish the sort of alterations in instruction that many may follow. and that positive effects linked with computing machine usage frequently appear to stem from related factors ( as cited in Gordon. D. T. 2000 ) . The different factors that make a combination for success include the manner in which the engineering is being used. the attitude of the people who are utilizing it. For illustration instructors should non experience that they have been deprived of their responsibilities but instead an betterment on their portion. Generally. in presenting computing machine engineering in assorted establishments people tend to defy alteration and like to keep the position quo. They are now following it therefore cut downing the digital divide. This is because there have been much more proved benefits that accrue from encompassing the engineering compared to the perceived negative effects that may originate in encompassing it.

“The proportion of US schools with one or more computing machines intended for direction more than quintupled. from 18 per centum to 95 per centum. between 1981 and 1987 ; the mean figure of computing machines available in schools increased about tenfold between 1981 and 1985” . ( National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Economicss and Statistics Administration. 2002 ) . This indicates that the assorted establishments in the USA are following ICT and this is the tendency that schools that have non adopted should follow. Due to the general concern of the stakeholders. computing machine engineering is being adopted mostly in the schools and at place and this means that school traveling people have more entree than earlier.

The school-owners are now fiting their schools with ultra-modern installations like libraries and the usage of laptops in schoolrooms during their instruction. This has led to the decrease of instructors utilizing whiteboard markers and blackboards in service bringing. It is an betterment since it saves a batch of clip. “Internet entree is now platitude in US schools and that the tendency towards linking more and more schoolrooms in these schools is go oning apace. the effects of this alteration are far from clear’’ . ( Gordon. 2000 ) .

There have been important decrease of computing machine monetary values by more than 60 per centum in the recent times and this has enabled more people be able to buy a computing machine. Many families have at least one computing machine at place piece at the same clip holding entree to some others either in the work topographic point. school or societal comfortss. This has reduced greatly the digital divide between the rich persons and poor persons.

Students are now more computing machine literate and aware of the latest tendencies. This has increased the utility of engineering since they can be able to utilize it with a batch more easiness. However. due to the limitless entree to the cyberspace. pupils are now accessing incorrect information that has lead to increased moral degeneracy amongst pupils. Yet still many do utilize the engineering to their great benefit. Students now manus in their work typed and printed for taging compared to the traditional ways in which they could hand-write and subject their work. They besides use the cyberspace as a inexpensive and non-tedious manner of recovering bing information that they use in their surveies.

The supportive staff now uses computerized systems that assist them in transporting out their maps rapidly and expeditiously. Most systems are now interconnected and people are more computing machine literate hence there is increased utility in utilizing the engineering and this has significantly reduced the digital divide in the educational and learning establishments.

Part II: Case survey


I have been appointed to a 500 pupil interior metropolis school with a authorization to “turn the school around” . My dorsum land has been rather good holding been a successful Principal of a similar but suburban school. My initial purpose is to come up with a agenda of activities in my 30 twenty-four hours entry program. From my experience. to turn around this school. my entry program is to come up with a clear Strategic Plan that will help me in accomplishing this aim. I will follow the undermentioned agenda in my initial program:

Activity 1: Comprehensive background exploratory research ( First 5 yearss )

In this measure I will be involved in transporting out an aerial research that is traveling to help me in estimating the place of the school. The research will be based on the current traveling on of the school and its aims will be to convey out the current jobs being experienced in the school from the assorted stakeholders who include the parents. pupils. instructors and the support staff. The survey will affect the usage of a questionnaire with pre-set unfastened ended inquiries that are meant to convey out the countries where betterment is needed and the basic ways in which the school at big can be improved from the current degrees to the desired higher degrees. The structuring and readying of the survey will take two yearss. the existent aggregation of informations will take two yearss while the analysis of informations and drawing of findings will take one twenty-four hours. The kernel or principle of this measure is to happen the existent place of the school. the existent jobs and capacity that is to be used as a footing in happening the bearing and the ways to be followed in acquiring where I want the organisation to be and to be an assistance in transporting out the following measure.

Activity 2: Explicating the school’s Strategic Plan. ( Following 20 yearss )

This will be my major tool in turning around the school. My methodological analysis will be the usage of effectual Strategic direction to do it work in turning around the school and throughout my stay in the organisation. “Strategic direction is the preparation of a expansive program for the organization” ( FEDA. 1995 ) . This is the program that is traveling to be followed in the short and long term of an organisation so as to accomplish the coveted aims. so my first measure is to outline the strategic program of the school. A strategic program includes the constituents of the school’s vision. mission and strategic aims of the school. My footing will be the findings from the explorative research conducted earlier.

A vision is a kind of dream which is futuristic in nature. It is an fanciful image of the hereafter which an organisation wants to be within a stipulated period of clip. So my involvement will be to explicate the vision of the school. This is what I want the school to be in future and the image will hold the facets of a extremely disciplined school with first-class accomplishment of pupils in consequences and besides characterized with a high morale amongst the instructors. It will be a guiding image and it will function as the image or dream that everyone be it pupils. instructors. parents and the other staff in the organisation.

A mission on the other manus is the current utility of a concern organisation ; what it stands for ; and what it engages in. All organisation must hold their current utility without which they should non be in being. The mission of an organisation describes good the intent for the being and besides creates a confine within which the house should brood in. I will affect a selected commission that I will chair in specifying the vision and mission of this school. In specifying the mission. we will look at the coveted and current utility of the school. what we engage in and this will all consequence in a clearly laid down mission statement of the school. This will be good communicated to the school members and stakeholders and it will be printed in bold and hanged at the strategic points of the school that include my office. Reception sofa. Dining Hall. Staffrooms and major corridors that are in the school premises.

The 3rd will be to explicate and specify the strategic aims of the school. This is besides a really of import constituent of the school’s strategic program. This will seek to put the coveted place of the school and the specific objectives that I intend to accomplish in the hereafter and the come straight from the current jobs: subject jobs. hapless achievement tonss and characteristics of low teacher morale.

The aims will include: doing the school a hub for larning with first-class consequences. to be a extremely disciplined inner-city school and a major rival and challenger of the celebrated and good executing and disciplined suburban center schools and hence finally better instruction and acquisition. The kernel of these aims is to maintain the focal point of the members of the school to one point and avoid struggle of involvements. The aims will besides give my school a competitory place to the others which don’t have clearly defined places. They will move as the benchmark we are traveling to utilize in measuring our consequences in the periods to come.

The strategic program will be a start point and it takes rather along period of clip. For these initial yearss. the first month. there is demand for a program that I will be utilizing. the operational program.

Activity 3: Explicating an initial operational program. ( Last 5 yearss )

The strategic program is a long-run tool in accomplishing the aims hence there is demand for short-run programs which are the operational program that I am traveling to utilize in the initial phases. The operational programs will include ways to work out and better the school and will be enshrined and in the confines of the larger strategic program. In work outing the subject jobs amongst pupils I will do certain that there is defined duty in work outing the subject jobs that include puting the order of bid in the school get downing from pupils ; prefects-school. category. residence hall. proctors. There will be a clear job work outing concatenation and it will get down from the pupils themselves. up the school through the ranks. The instructors will besides hold clear and defined duties in job resolution. I will put down clear regulations that must be followed to the missive by the assorted stakeholders. particularly the pupils and along with them will be the wagess and punishments that follow incase they are broken. A disciplinary commission will besides be set up to cover with major offenses and offenses and it will consist of representatives of the pupils themselves. the instructors. parents and the administrative staff.

The current hapless accomplishment of consequences will be countered through motive of pupils by wagess that include acknowledgment. hard currency and non hard currency awards such as partial and full scholarships. promoting healthy competition amongst pupils and besides carrying of the school library with utile and latest books that are used in larning. There will be an academic twenty-four hours that will besides be the school award giving twenty-four hours so as to actuate all the pupils. instructors and other staff that has excelled good in their responsibilities.

To raise the low degrees of teachers’ morale. I will endeavor for better wage of instructors through pecuniary and non-monetary wagess. better the on the job conditions of the instructors and besides give clear duties that are accompanied with commensurate wages to the carriers. They excessively. will be included during honoring in the award giving twenty-four hours. The instructors who demonstrate difficult work and accomplishment will be recognized excessively to hike their morale and promote them to work harder in their responsibilities.


1. Bakir. A. ( 1993 ) .The Competitive Positioning of Further Education Colleges. The Staff College. Bristol. .

13 Trim. P. ( 1994 ) . “Positioning a concern school in the market” .Journal of Strategic Change. Vol. 3 No. 6. pp. 309-22.

US Census Bureau ( 2005 ) .Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2003. US Census Bureau. Washington. DC. available at: World Wide Web. nose count. gov/prod/2005pubs/p23-208. pdf.

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