Contribution of Epzs to the National Economy of Bangladesh.

4 April 2017

The contribution of EPZ to the national economy is very vital for the employment and over all socioeconomic development. Poverty alleviation, employment, increasing the purchasing power and earning foreign currency are very important for our National Economy. EPZ is a milestone in the sphere of industrialization of Bangladesh. EPZ brought the light of hope with and urge towards survival through a stout economic process at a period when the country was facing the crisis of reindustrialization. A great portion of the people is working in the EPZ.

The contribution of BEPZA is 17. 44% in the national economy of Bangladesh in the year 2005-2006. The contribution of EPZ export in FY 2006-2007 is 3. 05%. So the impact of EPZ in accelerating development in industrialization process and creating innumerable opportunities for employments is imperative. i Term paper writing is a mandatory matter in Foundation training Course Organized by NAEM for BCS (General and Technical) Cadre officers.

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Contribution of Epzs to the National Economy of Bangladesh.
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I express my heartiest gratitude to honorable Director General Prof. Hosneara Feroza, DG. NAEM, Prof. Dr.

Shekh Ekramul Kabir, Director, (Planning and Development), Course Advisor 100 Foundation Training Course, I am very much thankful to Mr. Abu Taher Patwary, course director 100 Foundation Training Course. A research work is very long and complicated task but my supervisor Mr. Mushfique Ahmed, Assistant Director, NAEM was very co-operative and helped me as a mentor to prepare the term paper. I would like thank coordinators for their extensive cooperation in this regard. Lastly I would like to thank NAEM library authority and, well-wishers and training participants of 100 Foundation

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