Contributions of Women to History

4 April 2015
An essay on the history of women’s contribution to history from 1865 through 1980.

This paper goes through Western world history starting at 1865 and lists the accomplishments of many women in several fields. Remarkable women in the fields of drama, art, literature, science, technology and politics are mentioned. It also looks at the rise of the suffrage movements and the start of the women’s liberation organizations. A special section is dedicated to Mother Teresa.
“Women have contributed to the history of the world from the beginning of time. Their stories are found in legends, myths, and history books. Queens, martyrs, saints, and female warriors, usually referred to as Amazon Women, writers, artists, and political and social heroes dot our human history. By 1865, women moved into the public arena, as moral reform became the business of women, as they fought for immigrant settlement housing, fought and struggled for the right to earn living wages, and stood up to the threats of the lynch mobs.

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The years beginning in 1865 is known as the Civil War era and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It was a time of great changes, especially for African-American women such as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. Women of all races had to fight for equal rights, even the right to vote (”

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