10 October 2018

Being placed in a foster care group home at the age of nine might have been the first catalyst for my need to be autonomous. I must always strive for the ability to control my own environment. Never again will I be vulnerable to the hands and minds of abusers, or from the effects of drugs and alcohol they consumed. I have not had any contact with my biological mother since the fateful day I returned home from school and was whisked away into the hands of Child Protective Services because of the abuse and neglect of my mother. I was nine years old and completely terrified. Two years later I was reunited with my biological father. However our time together was cut short. I lost my father to cirrhosis of the liver when he passed on December 3, 2010. I have come to acknowledge the fact that parentless, I stand alone and face important decisions without their guidance. As time goes by I realize that my most valuable asset is perseverance. It is my key ingredient to becoming successful in today’s competitive world.

While growing up I was involved in many different military based programs, such as the United States Naval Sea Cadets as well as the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. As I began to grow into my early teens, my father felt it was time for me to learn the structure and discipline that he had learned from the U.S Army. Another big influence in my career aspirations is my father’s eldest brother who also served in our armed forces. Both my uncle and my father inspire me to have a strong desire to serve a higher purpose. My overall goal is to become a United States Marine Corps Officer. I plan on making a career out of serving my country. Personally I feel it is our duty as American citizens to defend and protect our nation’s freedoms that we take for granted everyday.

After researching various institutions of higher learning , I feel Long Island University CW Post campus is the most suitable match for my future goals. This institution stands out to me the most because of its mission statement, “Your emphasis is on the student learner”. I possess a strong desire to learn and better myself in all that I do. If accepted to the Criminal Justice program I will utilize the skills acquired to advance my ranks within the Marine Corps. Additionally, this program will open many doors of career opportunities post my military career. I am confident that this program will assist me in becoming successful with my long term goal which is to have a career in federal law enforcement.

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