Control Issues in Anorexia Patients

4 April 2015
A discussion of issues of control in anorexics and an analysis of the disorder.

This paper consists of the various ways that individuals with anorexia use forms of control to maintain their disease. Specific control issues discussed are control over previous sexual abuse, control over social ideals of thinness, control over narcissism, and control over food. The author briefly describes the disorder itself, then spends most of the paper discussing various types of control.
“Research has been done on the ways control is shown through the expression of anorexia. Studies have shown that many anorexic individuals try to exert control over their bodies through deprivation of food because they have very little control over any other aspect of their lives. The aspects of control can vary from individual to individual. Therefore one anorexic individual may have one or many aspects of control in his or her life that is related to the disorder. Finally, in addition to the various aspects of control, an anorexic individual may have obsessive-compulsive characteristics that accompany the disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its characteristics are more commonly found in individuals displaying the behaviors of anorexia than individuals with bulimia (Hall et al., 1992; Wonderlich, Swift, Slotnick, & Goodman, 1990; Rogers, & Petrie, 2001, p. 181). Another disorder that can coexist quite often with anorexia is depression.”

Control Issues in Anorexia Patients Essay Example

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