Control System by Ab-Soul

A clever and talented rapper, Ab-Soul, released his first album called “Control System”. This album sparked his bright future with Top Dawg Entertainment, which also includes superstars such as: Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Kendrick Lamar. Mixing his violent past and background with poetry and art, Ab-Soul named this album “Control Systems”, because he believes that people live from controlled systems. Since signing with Top Dawg Entertainment in 2007, Ab-Soul has produced a series of singles which have promoted his first album. Soul’s album delivered deep messages about his life in the ghetto and his diagnosis with Steven-Johnson Syndrome, a disease that attacked his lips, skin, and eyes. A fatal tribulation in his life, his disease is why is always wearing dark sunglasses in his music videos. The highly creative artist’s most famous song on “Control Systems” was “Pineal Gland”; which emphasize hallucinations while on the influence of DMT, a psychedelic drug.

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After releasing a music video to “Pineal Gland”, Soul received a great amount of popularity. “Terrorist Threats”, the forth track on his album, talks about Soul’s early life and how his dreams of being a professional basketball player were cut short. His sixteenth track was called “Book of Soul”, which was named after the Bible’s Book of Job. In this song, Soul speaks about his life with his beautiful girlfriend, but unfortunately reveals that she committed suicide in 2012. Showing strength through great despair, Soul’s songs are more than just hard beats and clever wordplay. “Control System” is an album that makes listeners look at life through Soul’s perspective.

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