8 August 2019

Control was released and debuted 2013-08-03

I am going to be writing about Kendrick Lamars control verse. Even though it wasent meant as a threat it shows that he is content and dedicated to being the best in the game or in his words ( king of newyork )

Kendrick Lamar’s “control” verse was may i say (raw) by calling out his peers and claiming to be the “king of newyork”, he set off two diffrent fires(crowds of people ) that are difficult to put out. The people who listen to his musicarent only fans, the game if filled with (fake) rappers that listen to there (peers) accociates to figure out a better way to go tht is somehow better than the best.You got the people who were mad they were left off the (merk) list he put out on the edge of the cliff were he wood push the iniconic rappers whobtthink they will beat him in some way.Kendrick was just establishing that he was his raw rap cannon about to blow all the weak oppinents that call their selves rappers in space.

His rivial (rappers)concider4 him to be (not bout that life) but he infact put them in the place were that now he is the only one that is bout that life in the game in the moment.

While none of the heavy wieghts named in the song have took it as a threat most of them have recently made dis verses or responces to the song, even though most made jokes about it they somehow felt that there was a reason that they had to do it.

This still hasent stopped most rappers from taking the challenge. I think that Kendrick Lamar will be on the top untill hes gone.Hes out to outdo every rapper in the game in everway possible .! We al l know that he is going to show what he is about and what he can do to all these so kalled legendary rappers. But hes not going anyware anytime soon so in your attempts so. Please try hard not to kill him (that’s my baby!!)


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