Controlling Anger

1 January 2017

In the article that I read on controlling anger I never knew it could have such a huge impact on not only your life but also co-workers and family members. We all know that anger is never a good thing. Anger can lead to so many problems with anyone at anytime. The tips and techniques they describe in the article are very good and can be practiced to reduce your anger towards a situation or problem you may be facing at the current time. One of the techniques that I found most interesting was using humor to calm you down.

Humor in our lives is always good since it can make us laugh at any moment. We all have a sense a humor and I have seen people go from extremely upset to bursting into tears from laughter. Anger can become suppressed and can be used as a positive action instead of the opposite. Also have a super tough situation on you hands that makes you go into an angry mood can be helped by talking to someone else about it and having another insight on things.

The article also talks about that if you have a huge anger problem you might have to attend to a specialist who can teach you other ways to help relax and suppress that anger. One way that I use to control my anger is the gym. When I’m having a hard time on school or just can’t figure something out I go and workout heavy and hard. I can take out all my frustrations at the gym without hurting no one or putting somebody else in a angry mood because of me.

Then once I have a cool mind set after that I can face my problems with logic and reason. I can try and map out my problems and face them one by one. For me exercising is my great way to help me control my anger whether it’s soccer or another psychic activity. Anger can be turned into positive energy; we shouldn’t let it control our lives. There is many ways to help you with anger don’t stand there and let it take over you. Take action before it’s too late and you put others in harms way.

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