Controlling Organized Crime Paper

In the duration of this paper we will continue to discuss the control over organized crime identifying all aspects and issues and legal limitations to combat organized crime. In theory if all the education and efforts used to eliminate or reduce organized crime would help wouldn’t it or shouldn’t it have happened already? Should the law abiding citizens of these countries ever expect to be safe from the crimes that these organizations are committing with their own governments.Let us decide by starting off by identifying issues and relationships established by organized crime group members. As mentioned earlier organized crimes pose many threats to the citizens in their country. They commit crimes such as federal RICH crimes; bribery, sports bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement of union funds, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, obstruction of Justice, murder for hire, drug trafficking, prostitution, sexual exploitation of children, alien smuggling, trafficking in counterfeit goods (FBI. Gob, 2012).

There is also a list of state crimes that post a threat to a community murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, drugs (FBI. Ova). All these crimes made by these crime organizations have made global ties and have become a world-wide business of the illegal market. Not only have these organizations made ties with other criminal organizations but hey have also have found aid in government and public officials. These are called “political machines” their role in this type of business is being a vital component in exchanging favors for one another.Money would be at the top of the list when it comes to the exchange arrangements; the greed coming from both these parties is above and beyond. The corruption of these politics and law officials re everywhere and seem to have no end, they have the option to get more political support and other perks for abusing their government powers.

Some examples of political officials known for par-taking in organized crime are Richard Nixon; Bush Family and even Bill Clinton. Organized crime does not stop there when it comes to establishing relationships.Even terrorism has been linked to organized crime including the individuals who were responsible for the 9/1 1 attacks. Organized crimes have also found their way into businesses like energy companies, well-known banks and casinos (Lyman, 2007). Even lawyers are being involved in organized crime such as bribery of witnesses and delivering threats. The business connections have seemed to be established everywhere possible and seem to continue to grow. So how can law enforcement keep up? How to they combat organize crime including the law to support the efforts and their legal limitations.

The federal law enforcement agencies that partake in combating organized crime groups are but not limited to the FBI, DEAD and CIA. These groups take on the huge load of organized crime with the help of state official to follow procedures to try to achieve indictments of these criminals. They are constantly educating themselves learning about the variety of crimes and organized groups and their key members. As the business grows so does the education and technology to try and eliminate some of the criminal activity.This varies from operation stings/undercover work, surveillance and intelligence analysis (FBI. Gob, 2012). Although state officials try hard to combat these crimes there are limited because of their Jurisdictions.

Federal agents do not have that burden they are not limited at all but still have procedures ND processes to follow like obtaining warrants and other lengthy procedures. They are also responsible for making sure not to violate any of the suspect’s rights during the process because that can result in a case being thrown out.As we have seen in other crimes and criminals other than organized crime our laws and procedures have been exactly what have put criminals back out on the street. The fact that these procedures and laws are helping the criminal more than they help the government is stating that organized crime will always have a fighting chance. Many Americans and victims of crimes have stated their feelings about this issue and suffered from the law working in the criminal’s favor.This is a result of of plea bargains which have gotten many mob members off in exchange for confessions and vital information a great example of that would be mob member Salvatore Groan “Sammy the Bull”. Even though there has been some strong criticism the government has made some great strides and has taken down some strong organized crime bosses.

Some of the most powerful men have been put behind bars thanks to law enforcement such as John Got, Giuseppe Falcons, and Salvatore Rain just to name a few. Most of these men will never see the world outside of a prison and are serving their time in federal prisons.Even with all the accomplishments and setbacks from combating organized crime one thing is for sure the government is never going to back down in their training and advancements. In conclusion it is no secret that with the amount of global crimes and organized crime groups this issue is not going to go away anytime soon. The illegal market is a promising way to obtain large amounts of profit at a time. Some ways that could help law enforcement in the fight against organized crime is to get the community involved.

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