Converse: Shaping the Customer Experience

5 May 2017

Converse: Shaping the Customer Experience BY QualitYRate2012 What are some examples of the needs, wants, and demands that Converse Customers demonstrate? Concepts? Converse was dominate in Basketball, but slowly turn to market to everyone with there unique sneaker. Converse high top became well known because of its rare look and gave a unique statement to the customers. Per case little has been done to change the market. The need from the physical apparent for sports, then customers wants of the traditional Chuck Taylor hoe.

The demands are in the hands of the customers with great price and the authenticity of the style of shoe. What are Converse and customers exchanging in the purchase transaction? Describe detail all the facets of Converse’s product and its relationship with customers. Converse are a legend in the shoe industry even though the only have a small percent in the world. Converse lets the customer drive the brand. Converse traditional style respects and trust the customer which is different nd unique in the marketing approach.

Customer truly have a say in what they wear. Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to Converse? Out of the five I would state that Converse is Customer driven, the marketing concepts are minimum. I think that if I have to base it on one of the five it would be number five, retaining lifetime values with their customers. What are the benefits and drawbacks of Converse’s ” stand back ” approach? The positive is the lifelong customers that they attracted.

The negative or drawbacks is that they are in the lowest part of the market earning. They filed BK and are owned by Nike and are a limited part of the shoe industry. How can Converse continue to grow its brand while at the same time maintaining its authentic images? Converse rose to fame for the traditional shoe, its unique style from sports to artistic. They grow with respect and trust in its customers. The changes with promoting charities/raising funds to fight diseases have been successful. The drives are customer based.

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