2 February 2019

They say that if you canโ€™t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen, however, for most of the year in my house the draft is so bad that the temperatures rarely reach that level of discomfort.

In fact, the kitchen, other than the warm sanctuary of my bed, is the most comfortable and relaxing room in my house. There is nothing extravagant about my kitchen, but it is the quaint and homely characteristics that have allowed my love of baking to blossom there.I used to take no interest in cooking or baking whatsoever. Since I was young, it was almost expected of me just because my mother graduated from cooking school, and both of my parents had been chefs before I was born. However, Iโ€™ve always had a sweet tooth, so when my sister took an interest in baking, I was willing to try her creations.

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My sister and I went through that phase, where we had different interests for the sake of not having to do everything together. She was interested in tae kwon doe and sewing; I preferred dance, art and music.

As we grew older, the year that separated us gradually diminished and we discovered a common interest, baking. Together we bake cupcakes for all of our family parties, and experiment in a variety of cookies and other baked goods for our own leisure. Time spent in our kitchen consists of us sharing stories and giving advice, seeking comfort and sisterly bonding that wouldnโ€™t necessarily happen otherwise.My sister and I are opposites, sharing fairly different tastes in music and fashion, ideas of our futures, and what we like to do for fun. Our shared love of baking, however, unites us in a way nothing else really can, bringing out the best of us both.

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