Cornell Supplement- College of a and S

7 July 2018

Through my enrollment in Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences I feel that I would be able to engage in an academically and artistically dominating English program unique to that offered by other Universities. This would enable me to not only investigate and extend my abilities and intrigue with English, but my other academic interests.In this specific College, I strongly believe that I would be able to engage and challenge myself through the divergence into the myriad of academic course offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences. Despite my incredible enthusiasm for writing and similar arts and studies, I also share a myriad of other interests coincidentally offered y the College of Arts and Sciences. The diversity of the College is best suited to my personality. Am a driven young woman, always seeking out challenges and opportunity to push myself to the next level.

At this University and College of Arts and Sciences in particular, I am positive I would be able to positively promote academic and mental stimulation and growth on the personal level. Although I know I will always be beguiled and compelled by the English language, continuously finding freelance writing jobs as do now tit local blobs and publications, or the continuation with my work as a children’s programmer at my library, firmly believe that my abilities and love for English could be refined further.To be honest, had always perceived Cornell University as an unattainable, distant dream… If I had anticipated studying something in a field of science or mathematics. However, upon my reading of Kosher Chinese by Cornell graduate Michael Levy, who attended Cornell as an English and History major, I was intrigued to further research Corbel’s academic offerings for English studies.

I then became very drawn to Cornell as a viable option for college choice.Cornell University’s College Of Arts and Sciences would be the pinnacle and optimal choice for my hopeful enrollment to study English, a major unique to this specific College. Through my study here, I trust that my offerings to and from Cornell will be most beneficial through my study in the College of Arts and Sciences for the incredibly diverse offerings of the College that caters to the wide range of my academic and extracurricular interests.

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