Corporate Culture and Management

4 April 2015
An examination of the corporate culture and its significance in organizational management.

This paper discusses the importance of corporate culture in management and in the overall functioning of organizations. The author examines the way that corporate culture impacts organizational behavior.
“Organizational management is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to better understanding and more effective, efficient management of human resources in an organization. It is both research and application oriented, drawing on a diverse array of disciplines, including psychology, management, sociology, social psychology, statistics, anthropology, general systems theory, economics, information technology, vocational counseling, stress management, psychometrics, ergonomics and ethics. This combination of diverse factors and perspectives has spawned many competing theories about human work behavior; in fact, in the mind-1980s, a researcher had identified 110 separate and distinct theories about behavior and organizational management (Miner, 1984, p. 307).”
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