Corrections in the Community

4 April 2015
A look at the role of the community in correctional institutes.

This paper talks about how the role of corrections has changed since the 1960’s. The focus is mainly on community-based corrections.
The poverty programs of the 1960’s which failed to win the war on poverty but made strong impressions on the Nation, are of particular importance for corrections. The ideology underlying those programs suggested that persons of minority origin and low socio-economic status systematically are denied access to higher status in American society. They are persistently over represented among those who experience mental and physical illness, educational failure, unemployment, and crime and delinquency. Programs that attacked such systematic exclusion from higher status used varied techniques. emphasis on cultural awareness attempted to promote dignity and pride among minority groups, inserted minority history into America’s records, and resulted in new group cohesion, political clout, and often militant reactions with newly discovered strength.

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