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1 January 2017

Among many innovations in consumer-focused marketing and media research, Mr. Nielsen was responsible for creating a unique retail-measurement technique that gave clients the first reliable, objective information about competitive performance and the impact of their marketing and sales programs on revenues and profits. Nielsen information gave practical meaning to the concept of market share and made it one of the critical measures of corporate performance.

Mr. Nielsen also founded the business known today as Nielsen Media Research, the global leader in television audience measurement and other media research services. ACNielsen opened its first international office in the UK in 1939 and, after World War II, progressively expanded its operations in Western Europe, Australia and Japan. The company increased its presence in Asia Pacific in 1994 by acquiring Survey Research Group, and in the Middle East and Africa in the late 1990s through the acquisition of AMER World Research.

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In 2001, ACNielsen became part of VNU, a world leader in marketing information, media measurement and information and business media. In 2003, VNU announced a new organizational structure for VNU Marketing Information (MI), its largest business group, to address evolving client needs and to create an enhanced platform for accelerated growth. In 2005, VNU attempted to expand into healthcare and pharmaceutical information by acquiring IMS Health. Although the merger was terminated in the face of shareholder opposition, the two companies agreed to work together to develop new capabilities.

In 2006, VNU was acquired and taken private by a consortium of six private equity firms. In 2007, VNU changed its name to The Nielsen Company. This new identity emphasizes its best known brand name and underscores its commitment to create an integrated, streamlined global organization. WHAT THEY DO Nielsen offers an integrated suite of market information gathered from a wide range of sources, advanced information management tools, sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies, and dedicated professional client service to help their clients find the best paths to growth.

Clients work with their services to: * Measure their market performance. * Analyse market dynamics. * Diagnose and solve marketing and sales problems, and * Identify and capture growth opportunities. Their people work closely with clients to help them choose the right set of information and services and use it to make the best possible decisions. Market Measurement Their major market-measurement services provide comprehensive coverage of: * Sales to consumers of fast-moving consumer packaged goods, gathered at the point of sale in retail stores of all types and sizes.

These retail measurement services provide clients with essential facts on how their products are performing compared with their competitors, and on trends and changes in market conditions and sales results. They also provide critical information on the use of promotional activities at the retail level, such as special displays or pricing, and on distribution and stock conditions in retail stores. * Purchases by consumers of packaged goods and other products, gathered through participating panels of consumer households and through customized studies.

These consumer panel and consumer research services provide a foundation for understanding and analyzing consumers’ motivations, attitudes, behaviour, shopping patterns and demographic characteristics. Analytical Tools and Services They offer a wide range of software and professional services that enable clients to receive, select and evaluate their market-measurement information, integrate it with their own data and third-party information, and apply it to specific business issues and situations. Clients can view and analyse information from many perspectives, such as by specific product categories, by geographic area or by retail channel.

They also organize and present information to suit the specific needs of many individuals in manufacturing, service and retail organizations, including general managers, marketing professionals, sales professionals, purchases, merchandisers and category managers. Diagnostic Services Their consumer panel and consumer research services provide clients with many opportunities and techniques to examine trends and understand the impact of the market forces that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Consumer panels link purchasing information to demographics and provide a controlled environment for examining motivational factors. Their analytical and modelling services provide clients with a range of options to evaluate and understand why marketing campaigns succeed or fail, and to address specific future marketing opportunities and issues, such as promotion optimisation, pricing, consumer targeting and marketing mix optimisation.

In many markets, they offer a suite of consumer-focused consumer research techniques and services that address clients’ unique and specific marketing and sales issues. Opportunity Identification While their major clients all share a common focus on consumers, each individual client has its own distinct set of business characteristics and marketing and sales concerns. Their information and services are designed to help each client identify and act upon unique growth opportunities.

Using a structured and disciplined approach to building and managing long-term relationships, their people work in close partnership with their clients to understand their strategies and business objectives, design the right suite of Nielsen services that fits their needs, agree on clear and measurable business objectives and to measure the results and clients’ return on their investment. THE NIELSEN CODE Throughout its history, Nielsen has sought to provide its clients with objective and reliable marketing information and consumer insight that add value to their businesses.

Their goal is to help clients make the best possible marketing decisions to build revenue and profits. Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. Chairman, A. C. Nielsen Company, 1931 In 1931, Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. , wrote the Nielsen Code, defining the principles that would guide Nielsen to global leadership in marketing research. The Code remains relevant today and continues to guide their business. Impartiality Be influenced by nothing but your clients’ interests. Tell them the truth. Thoroughness Accept business only at a price permitting thoroughness. Then do a thorough job, regardless of cost to us. Accuracy

Watch every detail that affects the accuracy of your work. Integrity Keep the problems of clients and prospects confidential. Divulge information only with their consent. Economy Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability. Price Quote prices that will yield a fair profit. Never change your price unless warranted by a change in specifications. Delivery Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality – whatever the inconvenience to us. Service Leave no stone unturned to help your clients realise maximum profits from their investment. RETAIL MEASUREMENT SERVICES

Understands product performance and market dynamics. To make good marketing decisions one must have accurate, timely information about what’s selling at the retail level and how in-store conditions such as pricing, merchandising and promotions are influencing sales. Nielsen Retail Measurement Services are the industry standard for quality information on product movement, market share, distribution, promotional effectiveness, pricing and other market-sensitive information in more than 80 countries across six continents, providing their client base with an information network and global reach second to none.

Using in-store scanning of product codes and store visits by professional auditors; Nielsen offers a complete portfolio of sample and census information across the food, household, health and beauty, durables, confectionery and beverage products industries. Whether long-term strategic planning or tactical decision-making, Nielsen measures and tracks the information you need to win in your market place. Your global, comprehensive retail coverage solution.

Nielsen Retail Measurement Services integrate information from a variety of sources to provide accurate, decision-ready reporting and coverage of a broad array of retail channels, including: * Supermarkets * Hypermarkets * Drug stores & pharmacies * Mass merchandisers * Convenience stores * Small independent grocers * Kiosks * Open Markets * Military commissaries * Liquor stores * Dollar stores * Pet stores * Warehouse-clubs Nielsen’s comprehensive coverage permits management to examine key business trends by product, category, store, chain, or market for one brand or an entire competitive set.

From viewing an executive summary to drilling down through a robust database to the desired level of detail, executives can make strategic decisions based on accurate, timely information. Full client service support All Nielsen Retail Measurement Information is fully analyzed, interpreted and presented by experienced account managers with knowledge of a wide range of grocery markets and industry trends. From basic market analysis to complex business issues, Nielsen Executives help fully exploit information investment to gain maximum advantage.

Retail Index Manufacturers need detailed insights into market dynamics in order to harness category opportunities and plan for the future. This calls for information about what is happening and how it is happening in over 70 lakh retail distribution points in India. Whether for long-term strategic planning or tactical decision-making, ACNielsen measures and tracks sales volume, distribution, selling price, promotions covering an organization’s own brands as well as the competitive set.

From category-level all outlet sales volume to single item performance in one market, Retail Index provides manufacturers and retailers the complete view across all channels of trade. Their information provides manufacturers and retailers with the ability to: Improve Category Understanding: Where are the opportunities for category growth? Track Retail Performance: What is my market share and trends? Manage Distribution: Where are the distribution gaps and opportunities? Are out-of-stocks an issue? Analyze Promotion Efficiency and Effectiveness: Which product promotions have the most impact on the company / brand growth?

Evaluate New Launches: How much has the overall market share grown as a result of the new launch? What is the post-launch distribution build up in successful cases? Key Benefit Marketers can assess overall product performance, distribution efficiency, promotion effectiveness, and price sensitivity through measurement and integration of the Retail Index measures. Methodology Retail Index data is based on measurement of consumer sales from a sample of outlets designed to reflect the channel being measured. The same fixed ample is audited on a monthly basis with field auditors physically counting retail stock holdings, and then recording store purchases from any source. The ongoing measurement of these variables produces consumer sales as well as vital in-store information. Due to the constantly changing retail environment, ACNielsen updates its defined universe and sample requirements on an on going basis. This is done to ensure the sample is representative of the channel being measured. Information on off take and distribution across 87 categories is available for Urban and Rural regions across States in India.

The same is also available for retail channels such as – Grocery Store, General Store, Chemists, Food Store, Pan Plus etc. Micro level sales and distribution information are now available at State by channel types and by town classes (Metro, Class I, Other and Rural). This make it actionable like never before for marketers. Analysis of all data is available via ACNielsen Advisor. This flexible software allows easy yet powerful interrogation of the rich Retail Index databases. Modern Trade Service

Micro-level data in the Modern Trade channel on sales related  parameters, on a month-to-month basis, that enables Marketers to employ tactics that are not only relevant but differentiated enough to be effective in a unique environment. The rapid mushrooming of Modern Stores in Urban India earmarks the increasing retail vitality in India. Modern Stores are fast becoming the consumers’ preferred shopping destination as they offer an increased product choice – all under one roof, an enhanced shopping convenience, better value for money as well as an improved shopping ambience!

Little wonder then that the product demand is progressively being diverted from Traditional Channels to Modern Stores. The Indian FMCG companies are increasingly tapping this emergent sales potential by placing their products in the upcoming channel: the Modern Stores. The extensive display of products, an increased level of merchandising, the changing nature of promotions and the continuous bevy of newly launched products, stimulate a continuous shift in the consumer’s product preferences – thus affecting unanticipated swings in the brands’ Market Shares.

Given the unique character of Modern Stores, Marketers need to employ a differentiated strategy herein – whether it is for determining the product mix, price mix, promotions or in-store activities! Nielsen Modern Trade Service is a crucial determinant of a Marketer’s success as it measures and monitors key category trends for a brand, and the corresponding competitive set, at a city level – making information actionable. Moreover, it gives a point-by-point comparison with the Traditional Channels enabling the formation of a differentiated strategy.

Nielsen Modern Trade Service helps the Marketer develop suitable micro-strategies for this channel by: * Determining Growth Opportunities – identifying high growth category segments and markets * Benchmarking Growth Potential – by measuring performance of own brands with the competitive set * Understanding Consumer Preferences – by studying the winning Product Mix  (Price/ Packs/ Promotions) Nielsen Modern Trade Service is vital to understanding and expanding business opportunities in the Modern Trade channel.

It can assist businesses to plan, strengthen and optimize their capacities to compete in this constantly evolving marketplace. Nielsen Modern Trade Service is a one-stop solution that helps marketers create strategies for their sustainable business development! Nielsen Modern Trade Service offers micro level data in the Modern Trade Channel, on sales related parameters on a month on month basis. What it is? * City level estimates of Category and Brand sales. * Insights into the Traditional trade and Modern trade in each city. * Monthly reporting reports delivered within 45 days of the month end. What it is not? No individual chain level reporting. * No information on POP, Display, Trade Schemes, Dealer margins, In-store Promotions.

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