Counting Crows — Crossing A Wire

9 September 2019


Crows – “Crossing A Wire”

Many of you have probably already heard of Counting Crows. Their hit song, “Mister Jones,” has a feel-good, up-beat tempo. However, the majority of their songs are slower with a more somber spirit. Nevertheless, Counting Crows’ music portrays a unique essence.

Their latest album, “Crossing A Wire,” is one which compares to no other. It was recorded at two different live performances in New York – “VH1 Storytellers” and MTV’s “The Ten Spot.” Because the album is from live performances, the Counting Crows’ authentic character is truly evident.

From guitar, to harmonica, to piano, with the addition of percussion and bass, their music displays a unique variety of acoustics. This music generally provokes a fun-loving audience who enjoys their unique sound. The cheering and clapping by fans at the performances are also captured on the album. Overall, the Counting Crows’ album displays their traditional acoustic sound in a live atmosphere, which is worth hearing! .

Review by Tyla V., Duxbury, MA<

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