Country Music Quiz

Country Music Quiz

____1. Who won Entertainer of the Year award four years straight?
A. George Strait B. Kenny Chesney C. Tim McGraw D. Keith Urban E. Toby Keith

_____2. How many awards are given out to country music artists at the ACM show?
A. 14 awards B. 13 awards C. 11 awards D. 10 awards E. 8 awards

_____3. Which of the following are the types of country music?
A. Singing Cowboys B. Western Swing C. Hillbilly D. All of the Above

_____4. Where did country music began?
A. The Southern Appalachian Mountains B. Nashville, Tennessee
C. Louisville, Kentucky D. Charlestown, Indiana

____5. Where is the Grand Ole Opry located at?
A. Frankfort, Kentucky B. Nashville, Tennessee C. Los Vegas, Nevada

_____6. Which of the following is Country Legend Singer?
A. Johnny Cash B. Dolly Parton C. Jimmie Rogers
D. Kenny Rogers E. Roy Rogers F. All of the Above

_____7. What country singer has a statue of themselves?
A. Kenny Rogers B. LeAnn Rimes C. Dolly Parton D. Tim McGraw E. Taylor Swift

_____8. What instruments are used to make country music?
A. banjos B. fiddle C. guitars D. drums E. harmonica F. All of the Above

_____9. Which country singer won American Idol?
A. Carrie Underwood B. Bucky Cuvington C. Kellie Pickler D. Kristi Leigh Cook

_____10. When did country music spread across the United States while trains started taking people all over the United States?
A. 1600s B.

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