Course Reflection

1 January 2017

Consider the themes we discussed and movies we watched. What have you learned throughout the course? Is there anything that was a surprise to you – something you hadn’t considered or realized? Have you changed or grown? Have you come further on your spiritual journey over the last two months? I love anything that deals about religion and culture, everyone does, I hope. Though I enjoy religious studies classes I can’t still help but wonder why we have to take them. It’s not that I don’t like it because I surely do.

I just can’t refrain from thinking that there’s lots of courses offered that I would want to take instead of this course. But now that it’s over, I stand corrected, this course is important not futile as I had mistakenly thought. Before I took this course, I’ve said to myself that this must be an easy one. I had been through GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) and Values Education back in my elementary days. It was pretty easy because all I have to do is memorize all the key terms and just remember what we have discussed. And also for this one, I think that there’s no difference.

Course Reflection Essay Example

But to my surprise, RS-15 is distinct from what I’ve taken before. Yes, there is still the memorization part for the terms and stuff but the assignments and projects are kind of new to me. We had little reflections before but never was I able to reflect this much back then. Starting from Unit 1 on how to be a human, the Surviving High School questions were given to us. At first I don’t know what to say and it was hard, I was thinking of just writing on what the teacher would like to read. But that wasn’t what she would like to know. She particularly said that this assignment is a chance for us to be honest and dwell upon ourselves.

It was an assignment to reflect back on our lives. And frankly, I’m hesitant in doing these things. It’s painful to think of the mistakes you’ve done in the past and the hurtful situations you’ve been through. Yet, I have to do this. This course is not only to learn the materials provided but also to know yourself – to seek the truth inside of us. That is the most important thing I’ve learned in this course. From the Surviving High School assignment, the Simon Birch Essay, the Movie Project up to this course reflection, I’ve learned how to be open and sincere with my responses.

Everything that has been taught to us brought me into realizations of important lessons. Starting from the becoming to be a human and its’ principles, the struggles in high school and how to survive out of it, the cultures and diversity, the stories about God and the kingdom of God, and last but not the least world religions, their similarities and differences and acceptance of each and every one. Including the movies that we’ve watched, Simon Birch and Bend it like Beckham, all of them brought life-long lessons.

These lessons have great impact on all us especially those who are and are about to embark on their spiritual journey. What I’ve learned in this course is important in my overall growth. Being honest with yourself is vital in making effective changes in life. Now, I’m looking forward to take another Religious Studies Course. Not only because I have to because I need it to graduate but also because through it I can gain wisdom, enlightenment and even personal power to help me go further with my spiritual journey. I won’t make this essay long as what I’ve done with my previous written responses.

What I would like to say is that this course is really important that I would like everyone in this world to take it. In the span of two months, things are better as I am able to strengthen my relationship with God. Today, I look at life with optimism as what Simon Birch the movie taught me. Despite all the hardships the toil of life brings, we must never lose hope and hold on to our faith for everything has purpose and it will all fall back in line. Religious Studies 15 is over but the things I’ve learned from it will stay with me forever as I proceed on this journey called life.

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