Court Observation

10 October 2016

The case that was observed consisted of six males. Throughout the whole time in the courtroom, the Clerk was keeping a record of the proceedings. The first male was 19 years of age, named Ally. Ally was on trial for being supplied Class A drugs, two accounts of armed robbery, and handling stolen goods, which Ally pleaded guilty to. The prosecution officer only gave reference to the handling of stolen good, there was no evidence presented.

However, for supplying of drugs, there was picture evidence, all of the young boys clutching large amounts of money, which was given to the judge, through the use of the usher. Although there was no other evidence of whether supplying the drugs resulted in profit or loss, the judge explained that there must have been a reason for the quantity of drugs being supplied, people don’t do it out the kindness of their hearts, meaning there is a level of benefit and commerciality, which was explained by the judge that this will affect the sentence.

The second male was known as Berry, who was 22 years of age when he was arrested, but now 23. He was on trial for supplying Class A drugs, pleading guilty on these convictions. The prosecution officer also supplied the same evidence as Simpson, the photograph of the males, clutching large amounts of money. The third male was named Simpson, who was 17 years of age, but convicted at the age of 18, for the possession of cocaine. Simpson pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, which his solicitor kept pointing out, as this could have a positive effect on his sentencing.

He had currently served 18 months in young offenders. Simpson’s solicitor explained how no more evidence was needed, but the judge ordered a pre-sentence report update, asking the probation officer of his drug rehabilitation development to be added to the report. The fourth male, Uboa, was also 17 years of age, and convicted at the age of 18, and was on trial for the possession and supply of Class A drugs on two accounts, and just like Simpson, needed his pre-sentence report updating.

He had also pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, which the judge implied could reduce their sentence. Uboa had already served seven months in custody and three months under surveillance, and it was ordered by the judge, for this be added to the pre-sentence report. The fifth defendant, Rosetta was in the same situation as Simpson, was said to be unlikely to feature in the trial, as involvement wasn’t as much as the other defendants, and he had already pleaded guilty.

His solicitor asked the judge as to whether he could be sentenced as soon as possible, however the judge felt that due to it being a group involvement, she wanted to sentence them all at once. The judge finished the court hearing, reminding everyone of what was going to happen, the probation officer to update the pre sentencing reports, and that the sentencing would be carried out on the 4th March.

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