Courtesy: Key to a Happier World

6 June 2016

Every culture, society, individual and origination among the world has its own courtesy as a sign of respect and civility. The courtesy shows the politeness, attitude and behavior to others, although it may be varied among societies and individuals. In every society, the courtesy has its own golden rule that people try to live by. The courtesy is positively influenced by the religion, culture and civilization. In most of the Arab culture, the golden rule of the courtesy is the generosity.

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Courtesy: Key to a Happier World
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The Arab culture is considered one of the most hospitable cultures in the world. The Arab culture guests always experience generosity, hospitality and friendship. The Arab’s generosity is inherited from one generation to another regardless the time, place and religion. In pre-Islamic phase, there was a famous and generous man called Hatem Al-Taeei. He was a Christian and known by his extreme generosity that made him well known in Arab society up to date. There is a saying in Arabic “More generous than Hatem” that represent how generous the person is. One of the stories that made him so famous in generosity, he sacrificed his favorite and only horse for his guests, as he had nothing to serve them.

Another example of the Arab’s generosity is during the early Islamic phase when the Holy Prophet Mohammad (S) established brotherhood among the Muslims. These Muslims had left all their wealth and possessions in Makka to come with the Holy Prophet (S) to Madina. They had no wealth or property. The other Muslims in Madina gave over one half of their wealth to their new brothers so that they could live comfortably in Madina.

On the other hand, Islam is promoting the generosity and there are a lot of sayings support the generosity. People are applying the generosity as rule in their daily live. They were inspired by the good stories in the past and by the current Islamic rules as well.

In conclusion, the generosity of the Arab’s societies is not changed by time, place or religion. It is applied by all generation in pre-Islamic, early Islamic phase and now days. In Arab’s society, people try to be generous as they could even if the price is too high.

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