Cover Letter

12 December 2016

As a student who is interested in economics and businesses, I have always been sensitive about economic issues and market trends. Especially, for an ongoing term project for one of my courses I’m recently taking, ‘Information Strategy Planning’, I am conducting IT consulting of a mid-sized business. To come up with an effective IT architecture for a company, I have been conducting researches and developing logics to find out key business questions and critical success factors for the business.

The basic analysis methods and approaches include thorough understanding on markets and business, which, I think, is necessary for this position. Besides, working on a project as a group, actively participating and debating with project members, I have found a new potential in me as a strategy planner, which led me to apply for this position. Moreover, as a senior in chemical engineering, I have successfully conducted various kinds of projects, and enjoyed myself defining a problem and figuring out the solutions.

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In addition to it, my engineering background will enhance my ability to understand products and business of P&G.

My experience as a vice president of Skin Scuba Diving Team, a university circle for scuba diving, will also prove my ability to reconcile opinions and organizing plans. In addition, the challenging spirit and responsibilities that I’ve learned in it would push me to try my best in the job actively and progressively. Due to the reasons stated above, I would like you to consider me as a potential employee for your company. Please refer the attached CV for further information and contacts. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely yours,

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