Covered and original music by Lauren Aquilina

11 November 2019

Band interests: “Elastic bands, hair bands and sometimes even contraband. Risky.” – Lauren Aquilina.

Some say the internet destroys musicians; I say the internet creates musicians. I introduce Lauren Aquilina, a 17 year old, piano playing singer/songwriter from the South East of England. Lauren’s humble, unique personality most definitely shines in her music and she has definitely caught the attention of many people on the online world. Lauren Aquilina has been putting her covers and originals up on YouTube for over 2 years and each video has been an instant success. Lauren has gained over 14,000 subscribers and over 2 million video views on her YouTube channel… her success does not end here.

Lauren’s ‘Fools’ EP (pre-order) made it to No.4 on the iTunes pre-order chart and to No.94 on the main iTunes chart. Lauren uploaded her ‘Fools’ official music video onto YouTube on the 24/09/12 (only two days ago) and it has already been viewed more than 30,000 times.

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Lauren’s original song ‘Fools’ is a magical, unique and endearing piece of music and it’s hard to believe that a young girl at just the age of 17 could create such an admirable video to go along with it. It is evident that Lauren Aquilina will soon embark upon a sensational musical journey. Lauren is set to go on her first headline tour starting with London/Surya (19th Feb 2013), Bristol/Thekla (20th Feb 2013) and ending it with Manchester/Dry Bar (21st Feb 2013). We are sure to hear more of Lauren Aquilina in the future and she is more than definitely a musician to look out for.

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