8 August 2019

It seems that in this day and age, many bands make music for the sole purpose of making money. They make records to sell records. Bands such as Prodigy come to mind. I think their “music” is nothing more than mind-numbing noise with pointless lyrics. This applies to most popular bands. However, some bands manage to get beyond this and actually make music for the sheer love of it – bands such as CR. CR stands for the Compassionate Revolution, but CR is not just a band, it is a way of life. CR’s music is typically very fast, and their songs are very short (most are under a minute), but their message is crystal clear. There is a song about buckling your seat belt, in which one of the lines is, “You don’t unbuckle too many dead people.” The “moral” of the song is why risk your life by failing to do such a simple thing as putting on a seat belt. Another CR song, “Monster,” is about child molesters. It preaches against the sins of child molesters, how they take away the innocence of a child and leave them scarred for life. Another CR song, “Suicide” deals with this topic. It brings up the point of the selfishness of those who commit suicide, suggesting that they think only of themselves and not those who love them. There are too many great CR songs to write about all of them. (Their last album alone had 25 songs.) CR is not only has great music, but also stands for something – and they give some kind of meaning to those who listen to their music. They have greatly influenced my life and opinions. I didn’t write this with the intention of turning everyone on to CR. (Most people wouldn’t like their music or be able to find any of their records.) But rather I wanted to make more people aware of what they listen to. I hope after reading about CR, people will think about what they are buying the next time they buy a record – music that was made for them to buy it, or music that was made with a real purpose – to be listened to and be explored

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