Crack Babies Essay Research Paper David HesterIris

10 October 2017

Crack Babies Essay, Research Paper

David Hester

Iris Barbour

English 111

June 23, 2000

Mothers are Responsible for Crack Babies

Drugs have been a lasting job for the American society. Not merely adolescents, but besides pregnant adult females use drugs to a great extent. To unborn kids female parents taking drugs are harmful. In all cases female parents are be responsible for cleft babes. The female parent is responsible for her mistakes. This job has been looked over, but it is of import in its entireness. The cleft babes are genuinely ill.

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Crack Babies Essay Research Paper David HesterIris
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The female parent of a cleft babe ne’er has been held responsible for jeopardizing her kid? s life. Besides there is a permanent job with the cleft babes being labeled in school and in society. This job is non to be over looked, and female parents are responsible for their kid because drug usage is their pick.

Crack babes are genuinely ill. A cleft babe is frequently times one Born prematurely with low gestational birth weight. Harmonizing to ( Turner ) the Neonate Addiction is no more than a show of forms of both irritability and lassitude, appear to be more stressed, and fail to follow certain stimulations, such as rattling or bell, compared to non-exposed babies. This Neonate Neurological Syndrome is a syndrome in neonates characterized by unnatural slumber forms, shudders, hapless eating, crossness, occasional ictuss, and an increased hazard or incident of sudden baby decease syndrome. Besides little caput perimeters, Low birth weight from premature birth like babe James who was born at a weight of three and a half lbs. Besides trouble eating which can harm the kids and strip them of acquiring the nutriment they need. This leads to kiping upsets plus other jobs ( UNL ) . After words this kid is normally addicted to the drug and goes through backdown. Then in the remainder of the life of the kid the child is a slow scholar. All in all medically talking a cleft babe is truly ill. Since this is infact true female parents have to be held responsible.

The female parent of cleft babes has ne’er been held responsible for T

heir kids? s good being. Well as it stands now there are no Torahs for the female parents of cleft babes to be held responsible for their kids. But there are measures seeking to acquire through but as it stands no 1 has been of all time brought up on charges for anything. Even when new testing has help decide confusion about babies born to adult females who use cleft during gestation ( Turner ) . This is more than adequate grounds to convey a female parent up on charges. Not to advert that cleft produces excitable, stressed babies but have cause bleedings lesions and encephalon harm. Plus the fact that babies fails certain stimulations such as a rattling or a bell, compared to non-exposed babies. Crack intoxicant and marihuana can do all of these symptoms but, the chief ground is that these are drugs and they are seting the unborn kid in danger of non merely of these symptoms but besides Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. With all this evidences if there was a jurisprudence she would be brought up on charges but does she acquire the decease punishment.

Does a female parent that has been prosecuted and found guilty for jeopardizing her kid? s life or slaying. Still as I stated before there are no Torahs against female parents and utilizing drugs. Well even if there were a decease punishment for this offense, the female parent is non traveling to acquire it be cause adult females merely constitute 1.5 % of the entire decease row population ( DPIC ) . It is merely uneven that a female that is found guilty for the same offense, as a male will non acquire either the same sentence or the decease punishment. America has a manner to demo prejudice for offenses. There can be a manner to alter this if the sentences in America were unbiased.

In decision female parents can be held responsible for their kid? s good being. This is a serious topic and can non be merely over looked. These babes are genuinely ill as babies. They have to travel through backdown and, are faced with being stressed. For this the female parent is be responsible. She has put her kid at hazard of decease. This is to be punishable by decease because badness of the charge. From my position the female parents that choose to set her babe in danger of decease should be punished and be in danger of decease.

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