Cradle of Civilization

1 January 2018

Food, and other resources that one country has doesn’t mean that the other will have also. That Is why trade Is Important- changing of material goods and also it can lead to an income in a country in a terms of wealth for the government. China is one of the most notable global traders because it keeps the prices of the goods very low so other countries buy them, which means that China makes a lot of money and other countries get the resources by a very good prices, which shows us that connection to the world Is more than Important.Even though trade (which Is the best example for the connection to the world) should e included in the five criteria that HAS books propagate because it makes everybody wealthier and it provides exchange of the goods between the countries and makes their resources diverse, contrary to that datum record keeping is included in the criteria. Record keeping is very important because it lets present day civilization know their ancestors, but record keeping by itself Is not crucial for the definition of the collocation.Think about how many collocations got destroyed because we don’t know anything about them, but we can still name them civilizations because they are harmonistic for the certain period.

I’m sure that some of the first civilizations didn’t keep their records because they thought that someone will be using them after. They did it for fun, the best example is cave painting. Can we name our ancestries a “civilizations”?Of course we can, because back then the term “civilization” represented different things than they are today. If we go literally, then we can not, they TLD have large buildings and complex Institutions, but they had specialized workers (hunters/gatherers) and advanced technology (tools). What defines a violation is actually a progress. Progress in technology is very important, today we have computers, which also with development of our brains (we know that record keeping is important), allows as to keep records on them.We have electrics, internet , television and heating, buildings and schools so we can educate our descendants and churches so we can grow spiritually.

Cradle of Civilization Essay Example

Calculation Is a complex concept that can be used In many different ways. Our society in global is one giant civilization, or we can break it and for an example call Mesopotamia a civilization by itself. It can also be used as a term to describe groups of people that contributed in making civilization the way it is today.Of course, there are certain groups of people that by choice and their beliefs decided to not be a part of the civilization, but if they are organized enough, and they meet certain criteria, could we name then a collocation by Itself? A lot of people would say The world civilization originally comes from the Latin word “civil” which means “of the citizens”. Romans used it to make difference between people in the town and people in the forests.So, by the origin of the word and what it represents, I have to say that any group of people that is not ancient and that did not provided “room” for our society to develop, even though that group is in some way organized, could not be consider a “civilization” by the definition, but on the other hand, Greeks also made their own definition and made the meaning of “those who can not speak Greek”. The word “civilization” is a very subjective term.

It can be defined by any group of people that have the most power. If there is a progress and some sort of organization, we potentially have a civilization.

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