Crash My Party by Luke Bryan

8 August 2019

The sales for Luke Bryan’s new album keeps improving; rating his fourth album number 2 on the charts for music today. Selling more than half a million copies in single week, the man candy country artist has raised to the top of the charts with his new album “Crash My Party”. The album includes his number one billboard single “Crash My Party” as well as other country and hip hop songs. It gives you a mix of sounds you wouldn’t usually hear from country music artists. From rock to hip hop this albums variety of tones keeps you wanting more. For those who love the upbeat party songs to the cute heartfelt love songs will absolutely enjoy this album. Luke does a great job of mixing it up; creating a fun album. His memorizing voice and lyrics give you that small connection that leaves you satisfied. Each set of lyrics comes with emotion; leaving a story behind it. One of my personal favorites “That’s My Kind of Night” gives you as urge to dance and have fun like most other tracks on the album. Luke provides the listener with excitement and joy about life. This album takes country music to whole other level; not only satisfying country music listeners but other genres listeners as well. “Crash My Party” is an unbelievable album and would recommend it to anyone. It’s absolutely worth every penny spent on it!

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