Crazy life

8 August 2016

Introduction Everybody knows what marijuana is, we know it by different names. A. Greeting-I’ll be talking about the legalization of marijuana B. Attention getter-sing a part of “I want to get High” by Cypress Hill C. Credibility statement-Marijuana has good benefits they’re not all bad like people make it seem. D. Central Idea-for my audience to have a different perspective of marijuana not just negative stuff. Transition-According to Bloomberg. com Marijuana is going through a legal revolution in the U. S that would be imaginable.

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The war on drugs is very high right now and a lot of people are not agreeing to the legalization of Marijuana. II. Body A. Main point #1-Let me tell you what it is about Marijuana that gets us high and what benefits if legalized. 1. Subordinate point Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannibol or THC is the main ingredient in cannabis. a. Support –The Institute of Medicine published in a report done in March 1999 that Delta 9THC is the only compound in marijuana plan that produces all the psychoactive effects of marijuana. b. Support-When THC is at a high percent like about 20% that is going to be stronger the effect will be faster to the brain. 2. Subordinate point- Support-According to a 2010 study that was made by Cato Institute legalizing marijuana would generate $8. 7 billion in federal and state tax revenue annually. a. Colorado is one of the states that has legalized marijuana on the first day pot stores opened the state totaled over $1 million in sales. B . By legalizing marijuana the funds that were used to fight it can now be used to focus on health care. Funds can also be used in rehabilitation centers to help people that have addictions to stronger drugs like heroin, cocaine and meth.

Transition/Signpost B. Main point #2-Marijuana is not just for getting high it can also help with pain. 1. Subordinate point-Pain is the main reason people ask for prescription, says Barth Wisley. MD. a pain medicine specialist at University of California Davis Medical Center. a. Support-Uses for marijuana are the following: Aids-it can reduce nausea and loss of appetite Glaucoma-It relieves the internal eye pressure of glaucoma Cancer-slows down the process of some types of cancer Epilepsy-seizures can be prevented with marijuana use.

Chronic pain-helps alleviate the pain caused from many types of injuries or disorders. 2. Subordinate point- a. Support b. Support Internal Summary C. Main point #3- Marijuana is not only used by our younger generation, now a days all types of people are smoking or have smoked it. 1. Subordinate point-A lot of celebrities are smoking marijuana now a days, some do it as an everyday thing. It seems that people are getting more comfortable with the idea of legalizing marijuana. a. Support-George W. Bush Morgan Freeman-Never gave up on smocking Lady Gaga-smokes when she writes her music

Jennifer Anniston-Says she enjoys it once in a while, she doesn’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. Barak Obama-Smoked when he was younger. Transition III. Conclusion-Marijuana has been around for many years and it is not going anywhere, I find it really hard for the war on drugs to cut down on all the drug dealers, police officers should be out there arresting people that are committing crimes that are more severe than dealing marijuana. And think of the ways marijuana can help our loved ones that are in pain and can benefit from this plant. A. Signal closing- with all this being said B.

Restate thesis-I hope with the information I have provided I have changed your mind if you are against the legalization of marijuana. C. Review main points-Marijuana can be used for people that have pain, it helps with glaucoma and seizures. Marijuana is not as bad as people make it seem it can actually help us out people that are in pain or have appetite loss, last marijuana is not something that our older generation is doing now a day, there’s a lot of famous people that have smoked or still smoke marijuana. D. Memorable statement – If you get to vote, vote green and let’s make this world a little greener!! Work Cited

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