Crazy Love by Michael Buble

9 September 2019

Michael Buble.
Where to start?
Although a lot of people would think of him as a jazz artist and think that they don’t like jazz.
Yes, there are some songs in the style of jazz on the album but there are also pop songs on his latest album ‘Crazy Love’.
He surprised me last year when I first heard his music. My Mum first got me to like him and I thought, ugh not a pop artist (because I’m really into rock music), but I had a listen and really liked him!
Not only does he write his own songs, but he has an amazing, strong voice!
The songs I particularly like by him (from his other albums) are;
Cry Me A River, Crazy Love, Everything, Hold On, Haven’t Met You Yet, Lost and Home.
So have a listen, interpret and enjoy!!

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